Monday, March 26, 2012

Cold Stone Fail

While C was in Florida this weekend doing this

and this.

I was back here in Ohio keeping busy by...

Friday evening
- Reading Sophie Kinsella's new book, I've Got Your Number.
- Watching some basketball.

- Watching The Pioneer Woman.
- Folding laundry.
- Lunching at Panera.
- Grocery shopping.
- Finishing up I've Got Your Number.
- Folding more laundry.
- Going to my parents house for dinner and the OSU game.
- Watching Riley never tire out playing fetch. (Which I can't show you because I'm having problems getting the embed code to work because I am a nincompoop. Someone please help.)

- Making a trip to Cold Stone and Dairy Queen for some pre-game ice cream. 

Side note:  Mark wanted a chocolate milk shake from Cold Stone so after waiting in the drive-thru line for 10 minutes, finding out they didn't have chocolate ice cream (?!?!) and ordering just a plane cake batter with gummy bears, and then waiting 5 minutes at the window to find our order wasn't even in the system, they handed over this

a cake batter milkshake with gummy bears chopped up in it. WHAT?!?! How long did that doy spend chopping up the gummy bears so they could fit up a straw? Make eventually got his regular ice cream.

- Watching OSU clinch a seat in the Final Four!

Side Note: How exciting was that? I told C earlier in the day that I wasn't nervous because my hopes weren't high and that based on previous years I really didn't think they'd make it this far. With about 5 minutes left in the second quarter I was hit by the Nervous Nelly truck.  But, what a game! (Bad calling and all.)

- Not watching the trophy presentation or cutting of the net on t.v. because CBS cut away from it (not too happy with their coverage and camera angles this year.)
- Finding and watching the cutting of the nets online. Katie enjoyed this as well.

- Lunch with Mark and Dad.
- Reading this great article (one of many) about Thad Matta.
- Finished laundry and some quick house cleaning before getting C from the airport.
- Picking C up from the airport.
- Stopping on the way at McDonalds to pee because a certain Mr. Fartlepants has taken residence right on top of my bladder this weekend.
- Taking a cat nap once we got home (I hadn't napped since we got back from NYC).
- Enjoying Corn Chowder for dinner with Skyping with the Olsons.
- Watching Mad Men (season 4 because we are behind and for some unknown reason had been dreading starting it).
- Laying on the bathroom floor while C took a bath (brings me back to my childhood).

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