Friday, February 10, 2012

Fashion Friday and Puppy Conan

A little while back I traveled to DC. Man do they have nice clothes there. I think these clothes are also sold in Ohio, but for some reason they just look better in DC.

Here's what I saw...

1. Strapless Organza Dress.  This was my absolute favorite find (which I couldn't buy because 1) C would have killed me and 2) it doesn't go well with a baby bump). I fell in love with this dress and am trying to convince everyone else, who can, to buy it.

This picture does not do this dress justice.

This is where the Fashion Friday post ends because not only I am easily side tracked (especially since I'm preggo) but I also forgot the other cute stuff I saw (another result of the pregnancy brain).

Yesterday was sort of frustrating for me and not even the thought of getting a slushy brought a smile to my face (because Sonic is an entire 3.3 miles from my house and that's just too far to drive), but then I discovered Puppy Conan. And I was well in my world.



Luann said...

What a great way to start the day - Puppy Conan.

The Lindsey Family said...

You totally need a puppy!