Thursday, February 9, 2012

Book Smarts vs. Street Smarts

Riley is a very smart dog. She always wants to please and is very eager to learn. It only took her a few squirts from the spray bottle to stop jumping up on people when they came into the house. And by "jumping up" I mean, jumping so high she once kissed dad on the cheek.

She also loves to play fetch. When no one will play with her (evidenced by the photo below) she will find a way to kick it and play by herself.

This can drive Katie a bit crazy especially with the weather when you can't and don't want to play outside with Riley for 5 hours straight (I tell ya, this girl does not get tired).  So Katie has taken it upon herself to use her street smarts to trick Riley. 

Whenever she needs some peace and quiet she'll act like she has to go outside and stand by the back door and bark. This leads Riley to believe that she is going out (and Riley doesn't want to miss outdoors time with Katie).  Riley comes bounding through the house and runs out the door and down the steps.  Katie then returns to the couch or kitchen to enjoy her quite time. 

Monday morning, after performing her fake out, she went back to the kitchen, grabbed the chewy Riley had been working on, and returned to the living room to chew in peace.

Now that's street smarts.

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