Monday, September 19, 2011

My carb loading weekend (without a bit of exercise).

I ate a lot this weekend. I kid you not, I ate an entire Entemann's coffee cake. That serves 8. That's 4 C's and 4 me's. The good news? Each serving had 8% of my daily recommended amount of vitamin A and 2% of the daily recommended calcium. One can only wonder how much I'll eat when I'm pregnant one day. I can't even think about it. My stomach can't stretch that much. 

So I ate a lot this weekend.  But that wasn't everything I (or C) did.

Friday evening, while C was working late (or is 4 am considered early?), I headed over to my parents' house to help my mom get the craft ready for the Family Fall Festival the next day.  I was so proud of my two master pieces until my mom pointed out that a 3 year old could (and would be the next day) completing the same task. 



After finishing our craft and playing with the dogs, I headed home.  But not without first stopping at Kroger's to get a $6 raspberry danish coffee cake.

Saturday morning I slept in (yay!) and C headed back to work after a nice 4 hour nap.  Later that morning I went to church to get set up for the Family Fall Festival.  The turn out had to have been the best we've had.  While I expected 15 kids to make a pumpkin sun catcher we had over 60 kids! Later in the afternoon I was roped in to face painting. Something I have never done before, but thoroughly enjoyed.  I also can draw more than a stick figure or pretty letters.  Unfortunately kids did not want "butterfly" written on their face, but actually drawn so I sucked it up and tried my hardest to please them. Luckily we're talking about wee little kids here who are just happy to have a rainbow that looks better than something they can draw. 

In the evening C and I grabbed some dinner to take home for the football game.  I went with the football staple of fettuccine alfredo while he bucked the trend with wings.  C was rather upset about the end result of the Buckeyes game while I was expecting a let down from the beginning.  When you're a Cleveland fan you really expect the losses (no matter who you are playing) and rejoice in every single victory. I also don't place a majority of the blame on a coach when a team loses (gasp!). Somehow I don't think it's entirely Coach Smith's fault that Joe couldn't catch the ball.  You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink.

Enough of that talk.

After church and McDonalds on Sunday C and I hit up an open house with Mark (we are beginning to think that the realtors in town view us as a big tease). Once we got home C declared that he needed new shoes and that I could use my Coach coupon so off to Easton we went. YIPEE!!  C got some lovely handsome shoes at Clarks (not just for women) while I picked out a purse that wasn't in stock and has to be shipped to me. Only Coach would have a tracking number to be within 2 hours of purchasing a bag on a Sunday. Seriously folks, Coach has the best customer service ever.  They even let me keep the $100 off coupon. So if you're wanting a bag before October 2nd let me know and I'll send it your way!

We got back to Lancaster and the fun stopped.  It was time to grocery shop, clean, cook for this week, and clean some more.  Finally at 9:30 we called the cleaning quits because we both had early mornings (but didn't make it to bed before midnight).

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