Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashion Friday: A Zigzagged Mess

Apparently Target and Missoni have teamed together for a new line of clothing. This news was appearing everywhere this week. So I thought I'd check out their website to see what all the fuss was about. Because these articles of clothing have to be sent from above, right?

While I did find one or two, of the 120+ items, that I liked, everything was a zigzagged mess.

And to make matters worse, most of the zigzagged mess was sold out.  Which caused me to yell (in my head), ARE THESE PEOPLE EVEN LOOKING AT WHAT THEY ARE BUYING?

Moving on to things I do like (and things those who raided the shelves at Target probably don't like):

1. Pleated Animal Print Skirt. By the way, I'm fully embracing fall and crisp, cool temperatures (which means it should be in the high 70's next week). Throw on this baby with some tights and heels or boots and you're set.

2. Breezy Blouse.  I'd like to think Jennifer Garner would wear this. In fact, I think she has. I love all the colors. Minus the black, t.v. patterned one.

3. Tiered-Pleat Tank. I love wearing cardigans but never feel like I have a lot to wear under them and usually resort to a tank top.  This one's got style.

4. Glitter Sweater. Like I said, I'm not all about Fall (until I change my mind). I love sweaters that I can wear to work and not-work.

5. Double-Breasted Skirt.  I had a skirt similar to this in college. It was shorter, so I could get away with wearing it then. Not a chance I could do that now.  I love all things camel colored, so naturally I love this. While we're on the short skirt topic, I love this one as well. But alas my legs are too long.

I need to take a second to apologize to our future (girl) children for being the reason why short skirts are too short.

I'm sorry.  Deeply sorry.

And on that note we'll stop. Five picks for the last five days of summer.

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