Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An open letter to SiriusXM

Dear SiriusXM,

Please turn back on C's radio. 

You see, you deactivated it after you told me it wouldn't be deactivated.  Need me to start from the beginning? I will.

Last Christmas I ordered a new radio for C to replace his broken radio.  You had your yearly deal going on in which current subscribers could get a new radio at a discounted price.  So instead of going with the bottom of the line model, I went with the middle of the line. I was a current subscriber so I assumed it would go on my current account.  Nope. I new account was created for Rachael Elfea.

C installed the radio and got it activated without any trouble. We threw the broken device away.

Then the calls and emails and letters came begging me to come back and reconnect my radio. Each time I answered I explained that the old radio was dead and the new radio was activated. There was no need for me to come back because I didn't go anywhere.  After the 8th call (and me maybe not being the politest - but I promise I didn't say any bad words) you got the hint and stopped the calls.  But that didn't stop the emails or letters, did it?

Last month I got another email.  "Come back and we'll give you 6 months of service for $25."  This time I actually had a new device.  The one in the Jeep.  Even though the letter was from XM and the Jeep radio is Sirius I figured I'd give it a shot because you're related or married now or something.

So I called XM and was given the details about how the two companies are together in name only but still compete, but they didn't see why I couldn't call Sirius and see if they'd honor XM's deal.  So call I did.  The lady and I had gotten somewhere. She set up a Sirius account for me and had given me the radio ID. 

Then we got disconnected while she was asking her supervisor if they would honor XM's offer.

So I called the Sirius number back and again seemed to get somewhere.  Credit card information was given and everything seemed to be running smoothly. That is until the gentleman told me I was good to go.  Except I wasn't because my radio wasn't working.  I explained the entire situation again and he tells me I need to call Sirius (which is actually the number I did dial) and transfers me.

15 minutes into waiting for someone to pick up I get impatient and call back on my own.  This time I get a very helpful gentleman who tells me I do not have a Sirius account and that he sees the charge guy #2 just put through and that he'll remove that.  I clarify with him roughly 29 times that C's radio will not be disconnected.  He confirms this 29 times, removes the charge from 30 minutes ago and we're good to go.

C and I took a walk later that evening and stopped by his car to make sure it was still working. And it was!

One week later, it was deactivated. And now the emails, letters, and calls have continued. My favorite are the 9 am calls (while I'm at work) asking me to reactivate.  Yes, 9 am is a very convenient time to do that. 

So SiriusXM, if you're reading this out there. Please reactivate C's radio. If I didn't love him I'd just drop the issue and no longer be a customer, but since I love him and he loves his radio, we need it back. And while you're at it, maybe throw mine in there for free?


Rachael Elfea

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