Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I read the tweets. 
Texted Emily to see if it was indeed true.  
Received the photographic evidence and I got chills.

Jim Thome. Playing 3rd base. One last time.

Where it all started, it was all ending.

While he was only in for one pitch. That was all that was needed. When asked what he would have done if the ball was hit to him, his simple response, "I would have made the play."

If you think this post is a bit ridiculous, then you probably don't understand what this man and this sport mean to me. Jim Thome was, for all intents and purposes, my first boyfriend. I played 3rd base because he played 3rd base. I studied his movements on the field and tried to emulate them on my 10 and under slow pitch softball team.  It was his number that I put on my plastic Indians locker.

I have, and always will, love him and my Tribe.

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TE said...

And this, dear Rachel, is only one of the many reasons why we love you. :-)