Tuesday, September 27, 2011

twitter me this

I'm an avid tweeter.  Especially on nights when C's working late and theres "good" t.v. on.  I pride myself on following (mostly) funny people.  I'm always open to suggestions (with the exception of the National Debt Clock - really??) so today I thought we could have a twitter swap. I'll share my faves with you and if you feel so inclined, you can share your faves with me.

1. @altgeldshrugged. Also known as Jen Lancaster.  In case you just stumbled on this blog, I love Jen Lancaster. Her blog is great, her tweets are fantastic, and her books take the cake.

2. @darrenrovell. Darren Rovell is the sports business reporter for CNBC. While I can't say I've ever actually seen him on t.v. (CNBC may be one of the few stations I'm unfamiliar with on our t.v. line up), he tweets about a variety of sports issues from ball park food to salary facts to minute details you didn't know you needed to know until he informs you.  Some of the best are the "headline contests" he holds after big sports upsets or victories. Really, if you're a sports fan, this guy is your guy.

3. @PureRage_Perez. The fake twitter account of @ChrisPerez54. We had the honor (yes, honor) of meeting Pure Rage Perez at our Social Suite visit earlier in the year. This guy's got quite the 'tude.

4. @SteveMartinToGo. No explanation needed.

5. @MLBastian and @castrovince.  Must lists.  MLBastian is the Indians' writer while Castrovince used to hold the job until being promoted to covering all of baseball (read: the good teams).

6. @sheblyfero. She's just your average girl trying to make her way through the college world.

7. @cnnbrk. Ahhh, the non-funny account I follow. Ever since becoming a tweeter I've searched for a news sources to follow that don't clog up my feed with not-really big news (Drudge was out about 3 seconds and 29 tweets later). CNN Breaking News tweets the real news and doesn't tweet every single second of the day.

8. @IAmRileyTheDog and @IAmKaiteTHEDog.  Who wouldn't follow their pets on twitter.  They obviously can't tweet much (it's hard when you don't have thumbs!), but when they do it'll bring a smile to your face.

9. @badbanna.  C turned me on to this tweeter. I think he's a marketing man somewhere in the middle of the plains states.  (Note: the "Mid West" is Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan - possibly Minnesota and Iowa - but really the Great Lakes states - which would include Minnesota. Although those last two states are very plain-y. All that to say it is definitely not Nebraska, Kansas, the Dakotas or our blessed Missouri, home of the Holy City. If you're not one of those, but do have tumbleweeds and lots of fields of amber waves of grain, you're a plain state).

10. @CharlesMLC, @RevJack56, @Binkylu, @edavidson5, @davidsondrew, and @mdavidson24. A shout out to the family (and @CGinPhilly) who tweet with me day in and day out and have yet to block me (don't get any ideas).http://lcms.org/

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