Thursday, September 29, 2011

3 wins, 1 loss

I think I've reached the last allowable day to rewind our weekend. I'm going to keep the words brief because 1) I've got lots and lots of pictures and 2) I don't remember the specifics other than who won.

Friday night we went to sporting event #1 for the weekend. The Lancaster Gales - Gahanna Lincoln Lions game. C helped me sneak in my tea. I spent most of the game looking for a player who wasn't even there. The Gales lost. That's about it. 

Saturday we headed to Cleveland and met up with Emily for the Indians day/night double header (a first for us). 

And let the photo dumping begin. 

The Indians won game won 8-2 (without any home runs).  We walked a mile and half to the West Side Market only to find the crepe place (with horrible customer service) was closed. As was almost everything else in the market. So we settled for chocolate covered pretzels and a caramel apple from the only stand still open that wasn't a butcher.  Instead of walking back to the next game we instead took the RTA. Once back in the middle of town we tried to go to a pizza joint which also turned out to be closed. We were then told at the next place they couldn't tell us if we'd be seated and done within two hours to make the game on time  (apparently in all of their years of being open no one has asked for an estimated wait time - excuse me). We finally ended up at the Thirsty Parrot were we got free plastic Indians cups!!

Thome sighting!

C always gets the best shots of me.

Our brick was covered with the trash can and trash juice. Gross!

Mike Hegan, voice of the Indians, was retiring. His final request was that his four grandchildren throw the first pitch(es) to Hall of Famer Sandy Alomar.  I was so happy.  So happy.

Thome at the plate. This is what we (or at least I) came for. 

The Indians won game two 7-6 after trailing 6-0.  At one point things were so dull that Emily leaned over and said, "I'm glad we came to the first game and saw a win, otherwise I'd be very bummed out right now." We weren't too bummed during the rally that took place during the 6th and 7th innings. 

The game was followed up with Star Wars themed fireworks.  Since I have no clue what the movies are about, other than the guy dressed in black being Luke's father, the music and clips didn't really mean much to me.  But the fireworks? Awesome!

Sunday morning we slept in. Alleluia!  After coffee, tea, and muffins we Aunt Babs we hit the road to Cleveland Stadium to watch 59 dull minutes of so called "football" followed by 1 minute of actual  football.

All the pictures from the game pretty much look the same....


But then I caught Colt McCoy playing air guitar in the middle of the play. No wonder the first 59 minutes were so bad. 

After the air guitar shenanigans I wasn't too surprised to see him strike the Heisman pose mid play. 

But then he got to work. 

After the game (and what seemed like hours of waiting to get out of the parking lot) we stopped at B Spot, Michael Symon's restaurant in Strongsville.  

Pure mozzarella, basil, and balsamic goodness.

Oh. My. Best burger I have ever had. And the rosemary fries. To die for. 

All in all, our sports filled weekend was a blast. Doesn't quite measure up to the Social Suite experience, but it was close. 

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