Monday, August 29, 2011

We're were on a boat

We spent yesterday afternoon and evening at Buckeye Lake, on a boat, with some very gracious church family. They opened their house to us (probably not as big of a deal as when the Davidson kids were all under 10 years old), took us out on their boat, tubed us around (Mark almost tubed the entire length of the lake - 7 miles), and gave us the grand old tour.  Amazingly enough, having lived in the area my entire life (minus the college years), it was the first time I (or anyone else in the family for that matter) had been on Buckeye Lake.

Mark and I both tubed, while Dad and C (fight what is hopefully the end of a cold) stayed in the boat to watch.

I wasn't able to get on the tube quite as gracefully as Mark did.

Even the Ritters took a turn. 

We even got to see the water police!!

Once mom got there (traveling back from Fort Wayne) we took another trip out and Mark tubed again. C sat up front like he owned the place.

After our final boat trip we had delicious chicken (seriously good) and steak (I heard it was great, but I stuck with the chicken), the best funeral potatoes ever, baked beans!, Casa salad, fruit salad (recipe to follow this week) and homemade strawberry birthday pie.

The afternoon was both relaxing and exhausting so we hit the hay as soon as we got home. I'm talking 10:00 here folks. 

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