Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Hurricane Preparedness Kit

I love me some good weather. So it's no surprise I've spent a good chunk of my weekend thus far watching the Weather Channel. I think this post (written by the family where Riley came from!) sums up my love of big weather nicely although I wouldn't mind the roads being closed - except to emergency vehicles. I've also discovered instacane and enjoyed seeing pictures of other's Hurricane Preparedness Kits.  It got me thinking about what I'd stock up on if I were near the eye of the storm (which I'd love).  Here's what I've come up with...

Chips and Salsa
Chips Ahoy
Coke (the pop)
Water (duh)
Fruit Roll-Ups
Milano Cookies
Bread, peanut butter, and jelly
A cooler with ice for: cheese, my coke, and OJ (the juice, not the for body of the former football player because the only reason you'd need a cooler with ice for him would be for his body).
A flashlight (if I can find it) with some batteries (if I can find those as well)
Candles because the flashlight is about to die because I don't have extra batteries
A deck of cards
People magazines (which I'd read within the first 14 minutes)
A battery for my alarm clock as it is the only AM/FM radio I own
A tub full of water so I can flush the toilet after peeing
Binoculars to watch the storm (and to people watch)
My (charged) police radio/scanner
A puppy

Did I miss anything?


Christine Guenther said...

Don't forget either a lighter or matches for your candle! Also to precharge your phone, laptop and ipod for if/when the power goes out (mine have been charging all day :-D

Luann said...

I would add a waterproof hymnal (either Bright Red or Dark Red) and deodorant (for the sake of your fellow refugees).

Luann said...

oh and your Little Mermaid lunch box. You did solemnly swear, in August 1991, you'd use it FOREVER, even when you were grown up. So get to it.

Luann said...

and an expired Entertainment Book. and one tea bag.

rachel e. said...

I don't know where my Little Mermaid lunch box is :( It would be very handy to store my fruit roll-ups and milano cookies in.

Becky said...

Don't forget puppy chow. And you might want to get one of the pooper scooper thingies, since he'll have to go after he eats his chow.

And don't forget toilet paper and some hand sanitizer.