Monday, June 20, 2011

There is was a mouse in my car

My plans for this past weekend were grand. My new suit was scheduled to arrive on Friday and once I got it I planned on spending the rest of the weekend at the pool. As always, my plans are never the right ones.

Before we start with the weekend (which begins at 5 p.m.), I need to throw in that C and I went to the mall for lunch on Friday. On the way there I opened the glove box (because I like to randomly do that) and noticed that the napkins were either chewed up or got snagged in something. I guess they were chewed up as they were in there for a week and were fine the night before (see where I'm going with this?).

Back to the weekend...

My suit did arrive on Friday and it does fit perfectly. But Friday's weather wasn't good for the pool. So C and I headed over to my parents' to dine with my mom and spend some time with the dogs (for dogs that aren't technically ours, we sure do spend a lot of time with them). I made some chicken stir fry and we watched Riley grow before our eyes.

Riley started chewing on a raw-hide and mom was worried it'd give her diarrhea. So we fixed that worry.

Joyce and Catherine stopped over so we enjoyed some super sweet wine (only Catherine and I enjoyed it) while chatting away on the deck.

Saturday morning we woke up to the sound of whistles down the street as the Gus Macker tournament was in town. Normally people would be annoyed by this, but I love the sound of whistles and basketball shoes scuffing up the floor (ok, so that last sound wasn't there since they were playing on the street). We decided to go to Waffle House for breakfast (C admitted it'd growing on him!) and loaded up in the Jeep.

We made it across Wheeling street before we heard a rattling sound followed by a thud and the air stopped working. We're talking no air flow what-so-ever. We'd owned the car for 10 whole days. So we parked the car, headed back upstairs and called Taylor to see what could be done. Mike at Taylor said to bring it in and they'd take a look at it.

After breakfast/brunch/lunch at Waffle House we headed over to my parents to let the dogs out (Riley has to go out 4 times more than Katie) before heading home for a bit. While C took his little brother to Starbucks, I went back to the house to let Riley out again. I had grand plans of going to the pool (story of my life), but didn't make it due to the crumby weather.

Sisterly love.

I got a call back from Mike at Taylor who said a mouse had gotten into our AC. (I. Hate. Mice.) There was no way of avoiding it and our "covers everything" warranty wasn't going to cover it, however Milt Jr. (the owner and friend of my dad's) was going to take care of it for us. Major shout out and thanks to Milt Jr!

We went to Easton for dinner and had quite possibly the worst BD's experience ever. It wasn't one big thing that went wrong, but a million little things. Like no bowls, no spoons in our rice, no lamb (C's meat of choice), items that were running out, no sauce bowls, and lines that were the longest they had ever been and not because they were packed, but because the grill masters were messing up lots of orders. C pointed out that it was like BD's had fired everyone the night before and brought on an entirely new staff.

After we got home we finished the last episode of The Big Bang Theory (Season 3) and then watched Bean (we love Mr. Bean) before heading to bed.

We got to church early on Sunday because I thought we had hand bells. So instead of practicing I was able to get VBS semi-organized. After church we had Father's Day lunch at Wendy's. We must have been the only people there with our dad and not just our mom. The weather still less than desirable so we went to the grocery, cleaned a bit, and I made potatoes for dinner, and C wrote a blog post. We also walked down the street to watch the end of the Gus Macker tournament. Oh yeah, and we watched Rory kick butt at the U.S. Open.

We rounded out Father's Day with dinner (City BBQ) at my parents and iChatting with the Elseas. If I said it once, I've said it a million times (I don't know that I've said it once), it's so nice to have technology that allows us to eat at one place (ok, that has nothing to do with technology) and 15 minutes later talk with family who lives 12 hours away. That being said, we still look forward to the day when we are all closer.

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