Friday, June 17, 2011

Fashion Friday: J.Crew Edition

The pursuit to find a bathing suit that fits almost perfectly is still on going. The suits from Victoria's Secret were returned and I decided to go a bit more expensive route and check out J.Crew.  While driving home from Bexley last week I poured my bathing suit woes heart out to C. He asked when the last time was that I had a suit that I loved and that fit me well.  That was the summer of 2005 when I bought a madras suit from J.Crew (on sale). (Now that I think about it, that was also when I was at my college skinniest - maybe that had something to do with the good fit?)  I wore that suit into the ground and just last summer forced myself to throw it away (I was almost to the "need to tie knots in it to keep it together like the swimteamers do" stage). It was a sad day when I threw that suit away.

So C suggested I look at J.Crew.  Since I always do what C suggests, I had no other choice than to check out their suit selection.  I didn't get around to ordering anything until this past Monday and won't share anything with you until the suit comes in and fits.

Looking for suits got me looking at other J.Crew items.  So this week I'm dedicating my Fashion Friday to J.Crew, one of my top 3 favorite stores.

1. Schoolboy Blazer. I love the blazer look. Have wanted one for quite some time. And since I was never a Congressional page, I don't have one hanging in the closet like a certain sister of mine.

2. High Tide Tunic Dress. This dress is great in both colors.  Could also be worn in the winter with some tights and boots.

3. Minnow Chino Short. I love the detail on these. 

4. Perfect Shirt. Love the color. I think I have something for teal. I'd pair this top with the minnow chinos.

5. Eva Wedge Espadrilles. Now that I have discovered espadrilles (only a year or two late), I can't get enough of them.

6. Plaid Swing Skirt. This one brings me back to my high school uniform skirt days. Only this one's shiny and I'd wear it.

7. Whisper Gauze Beach Dress. Perfect cover up or evening out (assuming you wear some layers underneath - I imagine this is see through).

I'm going to stop while I'm ahead. Maybe next week I can share a bathing suit that fits.


Please say a fashion prayer for me.

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