Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I was on the golf "team" in 8th grade. I was the only girl, but as usual, that didn't stop me.  I'm not sure we ever played any games (at least I didn't, maybe some of the other guys actually did), but it was nice to have the lessons once a week and I'd like to think I learned a lot. Then, during our last round, a round in which we all played with our dads, I teed off the on second hole at Pleasant Valley's par three course and hit the other dad in our group square in the butt. I forgot to yell "FORE!"  It's not like he was 200 yards in front of me, just a few yards away, trying to find his golf ball in the pond. I was a pro. PRO.

Moving on to the really pros, as I mentioned yesterday, we watched the US Open Sunday afternoon.  I'm proud to report that I've like Rory McIlroy for more than 72 hours (ok, maybe just 72 days) and have followed him on twitter for a little while now.  So without further ado I'd like to present...

Reasons why I like Rory McIlroy
by Rachel E.

-1. He seems very humble and down to earth (unlike a lot of golfers these days).
-2. He's from Ireland and I love (almost) any one from that area across the pond.
-3. He broke all sorts of records just one major tournament after collapsing.
-4. I think he'll give Tiger a run for his money (I'm not Tiger's biggest fan).
-5. He seems to stick to have better morals than the guy mentioned in #-4 (at least from what I've read online and in his tweets).
-6. He's cute.
-7. He honors his commitments and had to turned down NY press events after his win due to a previously scheduled sponsor event tomorrow back in England.
-8. He has (at least) 2 dogs who go out on the putting green with him at home. It's cute.
-9. He's a UNICEF ambassador and just returned from a trip to Haiti.
-10. His name is super close to "Roy McAvoy" and I love Tin Cup.

See what I did there?

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