Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Rewind

I was informed by two of my most loyal readers (my mom and Melissa) that last weekend was the best rewind ever. I can assure you this one won't even compare.

Friday evening C and I participated in the Chocolate Walk downtown.  We walked down the steps, out the door, and right back into our building for stop number one. I have to admit, this year was not as good as last year which was not at good as year one (because no one gave out chocolate bath salts). But it was still worth the $10 a pop which got you some sort of chocolate at 30+ locations. And some even threw in alcohol. Champagne while walking down Columbus Street? Yes, please!

Oh, I must take a second to mention that we went in City Bar. I had never been in there before.  Talk about nice digs.  Cute tables and exposed brick.  Reminded me of a place we went to in Chicago (that one time I went out with C and the guys the night before we got engaged).  Then I noticed the stench of "we used to and sometimes still do allow people to smoke in here" mixed with "we are a fine alcohol establishment considered to be part of the 'Bloody Triangle'." and I was brought right back down to earth.  That being said, it is in Lancaster and I have no intentions to ever set foot in the place again. Unless they are giving out free chocolate next year.

The original plan after the chocolate walk was to continue our annual post Chocolate Walk dinner tradition and dine at Fiesta Mexicana.  Roughly 8 stops into the night C had had enough chocolate for both of us and I had had my share of chocolate covered plain strawberries so we decided to go another night when we were actually hungry.  Instead we decided to order some pizza.  With nothing else to do (thank you Telefast...) we were in bed by 10:15. We are lame-o.

C had a very busy Saturday planned so we started out with a fat filled breakfast at Waffle House. I love Waffle House. I love their raisin toast. I love their hash browns. I love their extra crispy bacon. I love their cheesy scrambled eggs. And I love their customer service. I wanted to join in with the 15 staff behind the counter and say "Good Morning!" to everyone who entered the 20x20 eatery. And the bacon cooker for the day? The cutest old man I ever did see. I wanted to jump over the counter and give him a hug (I get that way when I see old men).

After breakfast I ran to Hobby Lobby for some Peep Wreath provisions while C headed to a fundraiser and then work.  After Hobby Lobby, I GOT MY HAIR CUT! I also found out that I should get my hair cut every 8-10 weeks. I had been going every 5 months. I went ahead and scheduled my next appointment for June. This way I can't put off my next cut til September. You'd think I'd get my hair cut more often. I love getting my hair washed by a professional. This time they even threw in a head massage. I know hair cuts can be traumatic for wee little kids (they were in my family), maybe if the stylist were to massage the kid's head first, things would go a bit better? If we ever have issue with our children, guess what I'm gonna do?

With my new hair in hand on my head, after my magnificent wash and cut I went to Meijer for some chocolate chip cookie provisions, face wash, and shaving cream (I was running low). I'm pretty sure there was a bounce in my step thanks to my new do.

I spent the rest of the day watching the Indians' rain delay video of the 100 man team from 2001, watching the Indians spank the Orioles, making cookies, doing some organizing and cleaning, as well as doing laundry.  In the evening I watch a few movies including The Kids are Alright. Just to let you know, there is no reason on the face of this earth for you to see this movie. I'm not sure why anyone thought it was worthy of an Oscar, well, yes I do know why, but that's not reason enough. Just because a movie takes a stand or presents an opposing idea does not make it worthy of an Oscar nomination. It should have a good story line. By the end of the film I was hating Annette Bening's character (Nic?) and wishing that the Julianne Moore (the other mom) had continued her affair with Mark Ruffalo (the biological dad) because she deserved better than cranky Annette Bening, seemed happier with Mark Ruffalo, and Mark was "falling for her." I did enjoy guessing which mother had which child. I'm 94% sure that Joni was Annette's daughter and Laser was Julianne's son.

Other t.v. I watched Saturday night included House Hunters and House Hunters International. Matt from the House Hunters in California episode won my award for most annoying person on the face of the earth. I'll be shipping his trophy to him tomorrow. Based on  his wife's (of 4 months) eye roll at the end of the show, I'm pretty sure she had already filed for divorce. And I can't blame her. And I doubt God does either.

Sunday morning C woke up to one of those, "I ate something I shouldn't have and because I don't have a gallbladder, my digestive system will revolt" days. In this case the "something I shouldn't have had" was two mochas from Cup O'Joe topped off with a mocha from Starbucks right before church.  He made it through Sunday School but I had to run him home before church. Just to be clear we aren't talking vomiting here, just an unsettled stomach. I'm not sure what the gallbladder does, but C's is certainly missed.

After church I brought Subway home (C's request) and we both took naps on our respective couches (mine in the living room, his in the office) before moving C's childhood couch to the shed at church and moving a "new" (Grandma's old couch) in. I think this one will be better for t.v. watching as it has neck support. But I'm a bit sad to see our first couch go. It's a good thing I don't get sentimental whenever we get rid of something else that was our first. Although, I do remember when I had used up the first bottle of vegetable oil I bought after we were married. We had company and I felt it worthy to point out to everyone that we had made it through our first bottle of vegetable oil.

Later that evening we had yummy dinner at my parents' house and mom and I made Peep wreaths!

Doesn't it look like the wreath is hanging on the cross?

These are super simple.  You need a straw wreath, some ribbon, tooth picks, and peeps.  Keep the plastic wrap on the wreath and wrap it with the ribbon. Then go to town sticking the peeps in the wreath. Tip: double impale the peeps. Two toothpicks are better than one.  I hung up the wreath late last night and already one peep has jumped ship twice.

After dinner we the boys moved the couches. We fit in perfectly in town.

At one point we were asked if we were moving into #6. I politely told the gentleman (who had just moved out of #6) that we live in #9 and have done so for three years.  We obviously make it a point to get to know the neighbors.

The evening was topped off with ice cream (the boys needed to cool down).  While enjoying our ice cream at my parents I looked down and noticed this sticking out of the couch...

An air gun. Not loaded (C took it outside to check). I'm not too sure what to say. Other than Katie is against guns (can't say I blame her). She was very verbal while Mark and C had it out. I'm wondering what else is hidden in the house...

I'd like to point out that the reason why my weekend rewinds are heavily centered on me during the times when C is away or working is because 1) he doesn't share everything that he does for work with me because 2) some of it is boring and over my head and even if I did understand it 3) telling you about it would probably cause some clients to get a little upset (I'm assuming they all read my blog!).


Joyce said...

Excellent rewind! I love the peep wreath, that would have been a good GS project if we could also use pinecones :)

SE said...

Your C inherited the defective Elsea-Phelps gall bladder gene...his great-grandmother E (nee Phelps), his grandfather E, his uncle D, and Aunt B & C....gall bladders all toast.

Luann said...

Just to keep you from wondering - I've also hidden the following items in our house: 1. Petrified umbilical cord (or belly button - what have you) remains for at least one but not more than 4 children; 2. Cremains of beloved pet (these are moved about as the spirit moves me to move them); 3. Four mini bottles of "Designer Vodka" that were gifted to Jack at Christmas (cannot for the life of me remember who thought this was an appropriate gift for the pastor); 4. Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition (hint: garage garbage cans).