Tuesday, April 19, 2011

it's a wonder

C sometimes says that he wishes I dated in high school so I'd have the "full experience" .

I think he secretly wants me to know how good I have it having ended up started with him.

Little does he know my plan was to marry the first person to ask me on a date.

Truth be told, I wasn't asked out in high school. Or junior high.

Shocker! I know.

I was "asked out" twice in elementary school, but I think they were joking.

I think guys were intimidated by my mad shot blocking skills.

Or maybe they called my cell phone during the few weeks I had recorded the famous George Costanza answering machine song as my own voice mail message because my mom told me she'd give me a whole ten bucks.

It's reasons such as this that's its a wonder no one snatched me up sooner.

(But I wouldn't have it any other way.)


Luann said...

I think it all depends upon what the meaning of "date" is. Can you count the painful morning in bible class when two potential suitors both came to church unannounced? I think you're wise not to count the Festival outing with the young man who was still swooning over his lost love.

Perhaps you would have been snatched up earlier had you not been deemed "the girl that guys could act stupid around". That is friendship :) I'm glad you held out for the best. It's all about courtship.

TE said...

We are glad you held out too. And, by the way, we think C got the best. XO