Friday, April 15, 2011

Fashion Friday: Pockets

Last Sunday I bought a dress with pockets. I am in love. It's like the fashion designers finally realized girls need places to put things too.

Last year I purchased a skirt with pockets and it's equally as exciting.

And the dress for Jessica's wedding? It. Had. Pocket. (too.)

Today I'm going to showcase all things pockets.

1. Sateen Dress.  This is from Target. And it costs $28. And you can't go wrong with it. And you can throw a button down under it during the winter and wear tights. And I love it so much that I might buy it in another color.

2. Navy Cotton Dress.  Someone with shorter legs than me please buy this and wear it to a wedding this summer. Love, Me.

3. Pleated Pocket Skirt. Another functional pocketed skirt for you. Thank you, Gap. My one worry, ironing the pleats. I know from private school experience that that can be a big ugly pain.

4. Shimmerveil Tee. This does not have pockets. I apologize for the detour, but the shininess distracted me.

And the price quickly got me back on track. 

5. Pocket Tee. I love this shirt. It's so versatile. I wear it with jeans or shorts or dress it down (betcha you didn't think it could be dressed down any more) with some lounge pants. I own three of them. Didn't realize until now that I got them from the juniors section.

Things you can keep in your pockets (except for #5): cell phone, keys, chap stick, March Madness paper brackets, dog treats, plastic bags, money, etc.

There is no reason to ever wear a pocket-less dress ever again. I'm beginning to wish my wedding dress had pockets. 

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Emommy said...

I LOVE pockets. Loved 'em before kids, love 'em even more after (that doesn't even require an explanation). Yay for the post on pockets!