Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Rewind

This weekend we walked. A lot. The End.

Just kidding.  Here's a peek into our otherwise not very exciting lives.

Friday evening the weather was gorgeous. C came home from work and promptly took a nap allowing me to catch up on my DVR'd programming. I also had a few pages left in my book and wanted to get those read and returned.  So I drew (how fancy do I sound?) a nice bath and poured in one half the amount of the recommended Burt's Bees Bath Crystals.  Into the tub I went. Just when I had 5 pages left in the book my skin started to burn.  Like crazy burn.  So much so that I had to stop reading, drain the tub, and turn on the shower to try to rinse off the Burt's Bees (what I am assuming caused it). All that to say, I didn't get to finish my book right then. After C awoke we took a brief walk and returned my book (along with a few other things) to the library.

If you follow me on twitter (which you all should and if you don't, shame on you) you already know that I offered to make C a very nice dinner Friday night.  Whatever he wanted.

He chose chocolate chip pancakes. Not really what I meant by "nice" but I still made his request.  We also had oven baked bacon. It was perfect in every aspect. The rest of the evening consisted of C reading while I followed the Indians game on MLB's GameDay (it is SO realistic!).

We were supposed to donate blood on Saturday morning but someone didn't sync his work life with his personal life so we're going to have to save 6 lives some other time.  While C was working I spent a good chunk of the time waiting for the Indians highlights on SportsCenter.  Which did not turn out as I had hoped.

I wanted to spend the nice day outside so we decided to spend the afternoon at Easton. We had a very late lunch at Five Guys Burgers and Fries before doing some quick shopping.  I purchased a summer nightgown from Victoria's Secret.  Turns out the pattern I settled on looks like a hospital gown.  Should've gone with the solid colors.

I also had hoped to purchase some Indians Pink merchandise but when I asked the (blond) clerk she looked at me like I had just asked her a question in Swahili.  C summed it up pretty well.

Since the weather was pretty warm I also took the opportunity to get my first Yagoot of the year.  Oh my. What an ordeal.  Where do I even start? The lady half of the "couple" who turned out to be maybe siblings-in-law in front of me couldn't understand why vanilla wasn't a flavor they offered. The guy part of the "couple" had been there before and didn't feel the need to explain the flavors despite later stating that he can't come to Columbus without picking up a pint to take home.  Then when it was his time to order for his peanut allergic daughter (I'm not saying I don't believe him) he asked the lady to hand his order to him without walking by the toppings bar for fear that the nut essences wouldn't get on her Yagoot.  Which reminds me, I would like to know why food allergies seem to have quadrupled in the last few years. (Not that I don't believe people. I totally do.)

After they received their Yagoots I thought I was done having to take part in this experience of theirs. Turns out this was just the beginning.  C had a table outside for us and guess who was sitting right next to it? Those people.  I should call them the Joneses.  While I ate my Yagoot and C blogged about our adventure in Victoria's Secret the Joneses debated on how they would get to where they were next going.  Here are just a few of the facts I picked up during their very detailed and futile discussion:
     1. They had two cars for 6 people. One was an Accord, the other a CR-V.
     2. The CR-V had car seats for both children, while the Accord only had a car seat for Jessica (not sure if this was the baby or the peanut allergic toddler).
     3. The guy part of the "couple" wanted to stop at "the game" on his way home.
     4. The game started at 4:30.
     5. Cheryl's house (the final destination) was past New Albany.
     6. The Grandpa was certain New Albany was SOUTHWEST of Easton.
     7. The Grandma needed to get paper plates for Cheryl's. Cheryl thought she had asked her to bring these before. Grandma didn't seem to think so. Based on everything else I'd picked up, I believe Cheryl.
     8. The wife of the guy of the "couple" (follow?) had strawberries at home they could take to Cheryl's.

After we learned about the strawberries the family went back to deciding how the family would get to where they needed to go.  At this point I told C we needed to leave immediately because I was 30 seconds away from telling this family what they should do and where New Albany was located. 

We were able to leave the Joneses without me butting in to solve their problems. At this point I needed some retail therapy to bring me back up to my normal happiness level.  C went to Barnes & Noble to read while I went into Gap, William-Sonoma, J.Crew, and Crate and Barrel without buying a thing.  Good thing for our bank account, sad thing for my desire to buy clothes. 

I made my way over to B&N and read some magazines and walked around the store a bit.  The author of Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies was answering questions and giving away free cups.  Based on the length of time he was taking answering questions as well as me having no idea what he was talking about, I decided to put aside my strong desire for a free cup and just keep walking. I then found C, who have been MIA for about an hour and we headed home.

We took a long walk Saturday evening.  On our walk we saw a guy sitting in his car with a beer on the roof while listening to the National Anthem or maybe it was God Bless the U.S.A. either way, what a wonderful country we live in! With the weather being so nice we broke out the panini press and grilled ourselves some hot dogs and brats and enjoyed some roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts (recipe to come in the a.m.) for dinner.

The temps climbed into the mid 80's Sunday. It was glorious. I had the windows open and vegged on the couch, watching the Masters and Indians while C work and the Big Brothers/Big Sisters fundraiser.  He returned home to say it was hotter than *#%$ in the house so I turned on the AC.  This was also good for our personal belongings as the wind had already blown a picture frame off the end table.

We took a very long walk  to Dairy Queen and Krogers and had a yummy dinner of Chicken Broccoli Stir Fry. We ended our evening reading (C), watching Sister Wives (me, duh) and wondering if the Joneses were still sitting at Yagoot trying to figure out how'd they would get to their next destination.

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Luann said...

One of my all time favorite rewinds; I'm just hoping the Joneses don't forget you come Christmas card time.