Saturday, April 9, 2011

13.7 seconds

That's the amount of time the Indians got on the 2 hour long SportsCenter this morning.

Last night I followed the game on MLB's GameDay since C can't watch t.v. and I like having him in the room.  Meanwhile the Indians had a 10 run 4th inning against the Mariners. Sacrifices I tell you. Sacrifices.

In case you've been on Jupiter the last week, while the Indians did blow games one and two of the season, they are since lossless. That's 5 wins in a row.  Leaders of the AL Central. Ok, that's something that's not too hard to do, but for us it hasn't been done since May 16, 2008.

C had to be at work for a meeting at 9 this morning.  9:20 rolls around and I wake up and jump out of bed. (After having a dream I'd rather no share because it involves former Concordians who I facebook stalk.) I had to see the highlights from last night. T.V. is now what gets me out of bed in the morning.

By 9:24 SportsCenter is on (after seeing STO isn't re-airing the game, but showing a bra infomercial).

Finally, at 10:43.  The Indians got 13.7 seconds of air time.

I know because I timed it.

I timed it because I originally missed it.

I saw more highlights on the Indians' website while waiting for the SportsCenter highlight. Here I thought ESPN would give the Tribe a bit more facetime. Looks like I'm the one who has been on Jupiter. 

Fortunately I had Mrs. Kelly Oxford's blog to help pass the hour and nineteen minutes of SportsCenter. 

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