Friday, April 8, 2011


Wednesday night Emily and I bundled up and headed to the Indians - Red Sox game.

It was cold.  Like 35 degrees cold.

And the game took forever. Like three and a half hours forever.

And we were two of the 9,523 in attendance. (One-third of which appeared to be Red Sox fans.)

At points we hung out in the bathroom so we could regain the feeling in our feet (me) and butts.

We even considered leaving at the 6th inning because it was so cold and so long and we'd be back in a few weeks.

But the Indians were winning. Against the Red Sox nonetheless. And we were worried if we left without seeing a win we might not see another win in person all year long.

So we stuck it out, and witnessed the Indians beat the Red Sox.

Because we are loyal. 

Go Tribe!

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SE said...

I knew Indian fans were a bit crazy ;-) Go Tribe (except against beloved Cards)