Thursday, April 7, 2011

"words" with friends

I think I have mentioned a time or two before that I am always a year or two behind the times.  Bangs, riding boots, tights, Angry Birds you name it I came around when everyone else had moved on to the next big thing.

Before I share the latest thing I've discovered, I wanted to show you the computer I am typing this on.

I don't think they I've been on some thing this old since I went to Sanderson.  Only the best for the Cleveland State law students.  Only the best. 

And as I sit here typing my little old blog, with my BA in Business Management (or whatever Concordia Chicago calls it), I'm listening to three girls talk very loud which has quickly led me to the conclusion that I could so do this law school thing.  But after C told me how much we paid in student loan interest last year I can throw those ideas out the window.  But I could so do it. And I'd probably enjoy it too.

I'm currently in Cleveland for a work meeting.  I arrived Tuesday night and am staying with my Aunt and sister.  We watched Teen Mom 2 season wrap up special with Aunt Babs before going to bed.  Each and every girl was using Mirena.  I'm pretty sure they were sponsoring that episode.

Before you jump to any conclusions, Mirena is not the thing that I have most recently discovered (although it is a recent thing for the Teen Moms).

While watching Teen Mom 2, Emily introduced me to Words with Friends.  I immediately started games with her and Drew.  Our games consist of many (clean) four letter words with the occasional word that pops into our head out of nowhere.  Like "Sheol" who thought I knew that was a word? Not me.

My game with Drew started out very spiritual.

And as for my games with Emily, our words were rarely longer than 4 letters.

So yesterday I woke up and begged C to download the app and play as well.  He loves Scrabble so I figured he'd love this too.

It didn't take me too long to realize I was in over my head.  He played one "lids" and I thought, "Hey, this should be pretty even."  Then he played"Q" and "D" and somehow got credit for creating 32 words most of which I don't know the definition of.

I played "coal" and "ribs".  Which is why I was losing 135 to 38.  I would think this is because I am in Cleveland and they manage to suck the talent out of anything in their city, but no, I just stink at words.

Which is why I need to continue to play at my level with Emily and Drew.

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