Tuesday, April 12, 2011

not a brussel sprouts recipe

Things didn't exactly go as planned last night.

For starters, if you thoroughly read yesterday's post you're expecting a yummy brussel sprout recipe. That's not happening because the dinner plan was hot dogs, brats, potatoes, and brussel sprouts (yes, just like Saturday night).

But then C had to work late which meant I had the evening to myself. With tons a little absolutely no DVR programming and nothing on t.v.

So I figured I'd browse through the HBO On Demand movies and see what was on.

Seeing as I've never watched an episode of Sex and the City (I never knew until yesterday if it was and or in) I thought I'd watch the second movie.  Seemed as good as any place to start. (Thank you to Karyn Bosnak for mentioning it in a tweet last night reminding me of it's existance.)

The entire time I was thinking how much I like the guy from Raising Helen more than Big.  Turns out that guy's name was Aidan.

Halfway through the movie poor excuse for acting (seriously, it lived up to bad sequel ideas - and I haven't even seen the first movie or any of the episodes) I broke down and put on some pants so I could go to KFC for their KFC Bowl (no gravy and cheese) with a side of baked beans.  So I paused the movie and made the long drive to KFC.

The drive-thru like was a bit long so I decided to go in and make sure that this time they had popcorn chicken to put on top, not chopped up chicken.

They didn't have popcorn chicken.

So I left.

Without dinner.

Talk about a pointless trip.  KFC totally failed me. And the drive back on a very bumpy Columbus Street was the icing on my popcorn chicken-less cake.

All in all a big bummer.

I did finish the "movie" (about three hours after I started it). And it was only at the end that I figured out that Big isn't that bad of a guy.

Oh, and for dinner... I made sketti with parmesan cheese and hot dogs. Separately. The hot dogs were not on the sketti because that's gross.  But hot dogs in mac and cheese? YUMMY.

So I guess one thing went as planned.

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