Friday, April 22, 2011

Fashion Friday: What Won't I Buy?

I fell like this being the day of Jesus' death I should have something somber to post. But I'm not a very somber person. AND you need to be fashionable for church tonight. So I'm going to continue to discuss fashion.

We all know I have a love affair with BAGS.  I also have a love affair with CLOTHES, and SHOES, and anything that has a price tag on it. Kinckknacks, bathing suits, houses, dogs, anything.

Despite my love affair with anything that can (legally) be bought, I don't buy that much, because I'm afraid I'll get buyer's remorse. Buyer's remorse is horrible because not only do you regret buying it (because your monthly allowance is running low), but then you don't wear it because when you do wear it it just reminds you that you're remorseful for buying it which then makes the whole time you're wearing it awkward. Still following? Good.

12 days ago I bought these sandals from Target.

They were 12 bucks and I've worn them lots.

Then, last Sunday, I saw these babies in the Target ad. 

And I fell in shoe love (for the 846th time).

They reminded me of a pair of sandals my cousin has and when I asked her last year where she got them she said, "Target, several years ago." Not sure why I needed to tell you that.

So when I saw these lovely sandals I thought of Jessica's sandals and made a mental note to purchase them. In blue or brown or both.

Which is exactly what I intend on doing this afternoon. Or tomorrow.

And since the pair that I really wanted cost roughly $60 I figure that's FOUR Target pairs I can get in it's place (or along with? Don't tell C).

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