Thursday, April 21, 2011

How to wrap a present (C style)

C knows how to wrap presents. It's a gene he get's from Mama E. He has even been known to make me upwrap and rewrap a gift that will have both of our names on it.  I went through an entire roll of wrapping paper for Matt Alten's wedding. And it was a box not something with curves.  I was fine with the first product. C, not so much. 

An entire month and a half ago when we threw Amber's bridal shower, I neglected to wrap the present and attempted to do so right before church (which was right before the shower. The reason being that I purchased bowls that did not come in a nice square or rectangle box and since they were too heavy for a gift bag I was at a loss as to how to wrap them.

I tried once.

And failed.

Then C steped in (with a measuring stick).

I'd explain what's going on here, but obviously if I knew that he wouldn't have to rewrap my gifts.

Several minutes later (he's not quick, but he's good) the bowls were perfectly wrapped.

But it did take him two tries.

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SE said...

The furrowed Elsea brow, intense concentration, measuring, re-measuring to the Nth degree. Slow, yes. Meticulous to be sure. Results:'spot on'. That's why he married you!