Friday, April 22, 2011

Is it acceptable to be this happy on Good Friday?

Two posts in one day? Something exciting must have happened.

And yes sir e bob it did!

I went through my junk mail today and discovered that I had an invite to the Indians Social Suite for next Saturday, April 30th.

I immediately did a semi-silent "yes" with one of those clench your fists and draw it in to your body type of things. I quickly replied RSVP'ing for the game. I was so excited I actually signed the email Rachel Elsea! I'm not sure anyone has ever put a ! at the end of their name. I know I certainly had not.  Not until today.

Then I realized that we won't be at the game next Saturday. And I got super bummed because we are coming back Saturday morning to go to Amber's wedding.

So I emailed Erin back for a second time (because I RSVP'd without even looking at the date) asking if there was any way under the sun to move it to Thursday or Friday.

She quickly responded that she had both games and I could take my pick.  So I chose Friday because it's Fireworks Night!

AND I get to take any device I need to connect to social media.  That would mean I can take my computer! Cha-Ching!

Oh, and I get to bring a guest. So C doesn't have to sit in the cheap seats while I am enjoying the game from my comfy SUITE seat.

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SE said...

I can SO picture the arm pump! Go Tribe (except against the Cards)