Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Rewind

Happy Valentine's Day my lovely readers!

I hope every one had a relaxing weekend.  Here's what the Elseas did.

Friday night C and I traveled over to Grove City to watch Mark's basketball game.  The game itself was pretty uneventful, but Mark's scar/scab from his knee surgery (last December) reopened during the game causing enough bleeding that those of us sitting on the other side of the gym, all the way up in the sky box seating, could see it.  It took 3 guys to tape up the re-injury before Mark could make it back onto the court. 

Sorry for the poor photo quality.  But like I said, we were all the way on the other side of the gym at the top of the bleachers.

After Mark's game, we went to dinner with Mom and Dad at Red Robin (yum) where my mom revealed that the next morning she was going to travel to the shady part of Canal Winchester for her potential first craigslist purchase. How do I know this area is shady? Right after we were married, C and I lived very close to this neighborhood. One week after we got married a guy who lived two buildings over was shot in the head.  All because he got home at 1:00 in the morning while someone with a gun was robbing him.  Those were the days (and also the reason why C suggested mom take Mark with her). 

We returned home Friday night and watched the Cavs win their game against the Clippers.  Win #1 for the month of February.  Win #1 for 2011.  And win #1 in 55 days.  If you didn't know any better you'd think this was a playoff game.  But why not treat it as such? It's not like a Cleveland team will be seeing the playoffs for the next several years anyway.

Saturday morning C and I went to the Y. It's always so hard to get there, but once you do get there, work out, and return home, you feel refreshed and wonderful.  We're going to try to go again tonight.  3 times in 8 days? We shall see.

We celebrated our Y trip with brunch from Tim Hortons.  Then C headed to work, I ran some errands (had to pick up C's Valentine's Day gift - someone is 3 lessons away from being the next Tiger Woods - but with morals) and made it home for the start of the Buckeyes game.  I won't go into detail about the game other than to say that I had a tension headache by the time it was over.  And I don't get tension headaches.

After the game we skyped with the Olson clan in Minnesota and then ran out to get some shoes for C that were on sale at Kohl's and most likely weren't going to be on sale the next day.  We also stopped at Walmart to get some Dryel (my best laundry friend) and see how much the Mumford & Sons cd was.  It was dirt cheap so we added it to the cart as well.  Seriously, this is some great music.  Check it out.  Right now. I had grand plans of making a skillet meal for dinner, but C felt my day (the Buckeyes game) warranted picking up dinner and taking it home.  Applebee's phone wasn't working so we settle on BW3's.

We ate dinner, as we do every night, in front of the tv.  C promised to watch Valentine's Day with me and it was still on HBO On Demand so we watched that while we ate our wings (C) and chicken fingers (me - I don't like chicken on the bone, process my chicken please!).  I thought it was a cute movie.  C watched it because he loves me.

After church, McDonalds, and my nap on Sunday we took a walk and soaked in the 50 degree temps.  I proclaimed that I was ready for the pool to open (which C laughed at).  The pool has a long way to go though because as I saw on Saturday it's full of snow and frozen. I may also have opened all the window's to give the apartment a crisp smell. Then we had our Youth Group game night (cheers to a great turn out) where we ate way too much pizza (ok, maybe just me) and played many games of UNO and one very long game of Apples to Apples.

After we got home the Scot in me needed some tea and we iChatted with Mama and Papa E. (who will be here next weekend!).  We also watched the first four episodes of The Big Bang Theory (thanks Melissa!).  I love this show.  The humor is fantastic!

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Emommy said...

I am totally with you on the pool opening thing. Our neighbor across the street is currently pushing slush across her driveway, but I am seeing the sunshine and thinking the pool-that-everyone-talks-about needs to unlock its gates NOW. If you ever want to go to one of those hot steam places where people put on swimsuits in frigid weather, let me know.