Tuesday, February 15, 2011

missing india

This post is last minute as last night didn't go as I had planned.  And that's not a bad thing. If you follow me on twitter or facebook (and who doesn't?) then you'll know that I had dinner in the crock pot and couldn't remember if I had turned it on or not.  Turns out I did turn it on yesterday morning, but C got home at 5:15 and asked  if the chicken could wait till tomorrow because he made dinner reservations.  I'm always one for a nice meal (that I don't have to make or clean up) so I quickly shredded the chicken and we left for Easton.

We had dinner at the delicious Smith and Wollensky. While we got engaged outside of this fine establishment in Chicago, and had once had appetizers there, it was the first time we had actually eaten there due to the sky high prices.  But it was totally worth it.  C had the fillet and I had the Sea Bass (he didn't want me to order the $19 chicken - I. Like. Chicken.) which turned out to be delicious as well.  Then we went to see No Strings Attached.  Yes, that's two uber girl movies in 72 hours.  I'm thinking C won't be watching Ramona and Beezus (on blu-ray!) with me this week (just got the notice that it's in at the library).  The movie was cute, but the final "I love you line" of "If you come any closer I won't let you go" was the cheesefest to end all chick flick cheesefests. Other than that, it was a cute, funny flick.

While we were at Easton I looked for some evidence of Saturday night's shooting, but could not find anything.  Smith & Wollensky's was just down the block from where the incident occurred.  Someday I'll be able to help with an investigation (hopefully for reasons other than I know or am related to the suspect).

Yesterday I may have mentioned yesterday my love affair with Mumford & Sons.  We listened to them on the way up and the way back last night. (C loves them too).  It reminded me of their music video for The Cave which was shot in Goa, India.

We'd talked about India a bit last night.  How you drink pop out of super old glass bottles that are then returned to the pop manufacturer to refill (our pop last night was served in glass bottles which I am sure were not returned to Coca-Cola to be used again), the people, the scenery, the tapioca chips (which may or may not exist).  We also talked about our trip home from India.  C surprised me at the airport and says that's when he knew I still loved him. And how after 36 hours from India to Columbus there was not one travel mishap.  That is until our van broke down at 1:00 in the morning right before we were to the 270/33 ramp prompting us to call C's dad in the wee hours of the morning and ask him to pick everyone up (minus my mom and me who would ride all the way back with the tow truck man) and take them back to church.  What a trip. I miss it all.  I want to go back and I want to take C with me.

With that being said, I want to share the music video with you (not that it's mine to share, anyone who has the youtube has access to it). The music is great, but the scenery is as well.

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