Friday, February 11, 2011

Fashion Friday: The Pump

One day this week, I think it was Monday or Tuesday, I caught a segment on The Early Show on CBS.  I watch this show so infrequently that I had to look up the name of the show.  It's not easy to remember like the Today Show.  Probably because it's not as good.

Anyway, the segment was about the perfect Valentine's Day gifts.  I have no idea what else was suggested other than the Pink Satin Partyy (with 2 y's) Pump by Steve Madden.

I was instantly in love.  Fitting for Valentine's Day, huh?

But then I remembered that I'm too tall to wear considerably high heels. If for no other reason than C wouldn't like me being at eye level (or even taller) than him.  I know this because my junior year of high school a certain prom date (who later turned out to be my husband) made me remove my shoes because we the same height.

And even if my height allowed me to wear heels, they'd hurt my feet.

And even if they didn't hurt by feet, I never go out so I'd never have a reason to wear them.  I don't think they are appropriate for church (and work is definitely out of the question).

So it's a lose-lose-lose.

But they are pink and soooooo pretty.

So, I still think I want them. Even if I do just wear them one time a year.

Which brings me to my problem....

They don't seem to exist. 

I had to go to the article from CBS to see what they were called when I couldn't find them on the Steve Madden site.  Then once I realized that they just don't have the pink satin on their site (but in black, champagne, navy, and purple) I started to look elsewhere.  But every place that "has" them can't seem to locate them when I click on the picture of the pretty pink satin partyy pump.  So these shoes are either really old and all sold out or CBS died a pair of champagne satin partyy pumps pink. (Hey - there's an idea...)

Now that I look at the article, I also like the red tu-tu CBS featured, but I don't think C would find it appropriate for me to wear around the house.  Especially with my lack of a ballerina background and all.

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