Friday, February 4, 2011

Fashion Friday

I'm not feeling too wordy this morning so I'm just going to cut to the chase and show you what'd I'd buy if I had an extra $499.97 (plus tax) in my bank account.  So close to $500!!

1. Pangaea Silk Dress.  Pay no attention to the price.  Looking for something to wear to an upcoming wedding? This beauty would be an asset to anyone's wardrobe.

2. Hidden Highland Coat.  I love the toggles.  I love the hood.  I love that it'll keep me warm on days when I walk to work in below freezing temps.

3. Raglan babydoll tee.  Hey, what do you know, something reasonably priced from J.Crew.  I love the orange.

4. Nine West Amita Booties.  I never thought I'd go here.  I also never thought I'd own skinny jeans and want leggins.  But, here I am an owner of skinny jeans, a desirer of leggins, and wanting a pair of booties.  Pair these with a pair of tights and a skirt and you've got yourself one fashionable outfit. 

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