Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend Rewind

I spent a majority of this weekend paranoid that I am going to get sick. But more on that later.

If you follow me on twitter (and you all should) then you know how my Friday night was spent (at Mark's game).  If you don't follow me on twitter.  Click here and go back and read everything dated Friday p.m.

Saturday morning we slept in (yahoo!). I try to relish the sleeping in for the weekends we don't get to sleep in.  Then my mom texted me to tell me our plans to go to Columbus on Sunday may have to be put on hold because Emily was deathly ill with the puking stomach bug.  The paranoia that I too would get sick immediately started.  You see, I spent 2 hours with Emily Friday night and even shared pop corn with her.  Despite my reading all about the flu on WebMD and not having been sneezed on by Emily, I was (and still am) a worried that I too will get sick.  So I've been popping the Vitamin C (because it's the only vitamin I have around) daily and praying that I don't get sick.  According to WebMD, I still have 2 more days to start showing symptoms before I'm in the clear.

Moving on.  C and I headed to Easton (something I'd been looking forward to all week) to finish Christmas shopping Saturday afternoon.  I think it took us 20 minutes to get out of Lancaster alone.  We were expecting a crowd at Easton but were pleased to find parking and not as many people as we expected (we usually go later in the day when it's more crowded).

We made it out of Easton just before four, as the crowds of people were beginning to pile in, and headed home.  I wrapped the gifts while C finished Entourage Season 4 (I also snuck in a nap).  And in an effort to watch all of our Christmas movies before Christmas, we popped in Fred Claus.  Super cute movie by the way.

Sunday morning we did church and McDonalds and talked to Mama and Papa E. and Grandpa and Grandma Elsea on iChat.  We also watched some football (all football players do not wear gloves - I found one!), went to the library, got gas, and went to Coldstone/Tim Hortons and ended the weekend with another Christmas movie, It's A Wonderful Life. While I must admit, I do like the movie, most of the time I kept thinking, "I wonder what color his tie is" or "I wonder what color her dress is."

And so begins our Christmas week!!

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