Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I love Triple D

I had grand plans of sharing a behind the scenes look at Everything Elsea but couldn't figure out how to upload the video from my phone. Yes, I know, I've done it once before, but I only felt like spending 3 minutes trying last night because my attention (and appetite) was somewhere else.

My attention and appetite were focused on Triple D.

Then this post was going to be an ode to Triple D, but I was having problems rhyming and since a poem isn't a poem unless it rhymes I had to trash that idea for another time.  Would you looky there.  Rhyme and Time is as far as I'm getting with this little ode.  I'm sure it'll appear somewhere down the line.

So I love Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.  I love it like I want a puppy.  Yes.  That bad.

And I can't get past the first commercial without being starving. Even if I've just eaten. And even if I don't like what they're cooking.

How do they do that?

I've made it my goal in life to hit as many Triple D locations as possible.  So far I've only hit 3.




I think I'll make it my New Years resolution to hit 5 more this year (not many are in Ohio so I have to be realistic).

Except from here on out, I'll try not to wear the same shirt on every visit.

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Joyce said...

You should wear the same shirt and get it autographed at each place :)