Friday, November 19, 2010

Fashion Friday: A Cry For Help

Next weekend C and I are traveling to Missouri for a wedding.  I need something to wear (out of what I already own).  If we were driving that'd be one thing. But we are flying from Columbus to Chicago to Tulsa. Staying in Joplin, Missouri then driving to Kansas City (where the wedding is) before flying home from KC to Columbus via Nashville. 

As you can see, my options are limited.  Can I go with pants that are easy to pack or do I need to go with a dress and worry about steaming it when I get there?  If I go with the "steam it when I get there" approach then I have the perfect dress from Coldwater Creek (yes, people my age are allowed to shop there).  The problem, the extended family has already seen me in said dress two years ago at another cousin's wedding.  While I know no one will remember (not even C) I still don't like to wear what I've already worn when with people I hardly ever see. Or I could wear the dress from Jessica's wedding, but the zipper doesn't stay up and I haven't had a chance to get it fixed so I'd have to be sown into the dress but my mom won't be there to sew me in and even if she were there to sew me in last time I practically had C ruin the dress because I was stuck in it and sick and feeling all claustrophobic.  (Please send longest run on sentence award to my house.)

If I didn't care about my appearance that would be one thing.  But unfortunately I do. 

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Becky said...

I vote for the dress that you've already worn in front of the family. I'm pretty sure Talitha has a steamer. Have fun!