Thursday, November 18, 2010

the Engagement

I've had a few days to soak in the ginormous news that is the royal engagement and I am still giddy.  Not sure why though.  It's not like we didn't see this one coming.  Even while going through the "Will & Kate's Fairy-Tale Love" album I discovered the entire world (minus those without internet access) has been speculating an engagement since 2004.  So let's do the math here.  From the time engagement rumors had started six whole years ago to the time of their actual engagement C and I managed to start dating (23 years to the day Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married - did a little reading the other night), broke up, quasi-dated for over a year, really dated, got engaged, waited 14 months to get married, got married, moved to Canal Winchester, moved back to Lancaster and have been married almost 3 years.  And I thought it took C a long time to figure out whether or not I was his "one".

All that to say, it took a long time for Will to make up his mind.  And I don't blame him if I knew I was giving my dead, divorced mother's engagement ring to the woman I wanted to marry. Let's face it, the ring is pretty much cursed. My immediate thoughts where, "Oh my,  It didn't work out for Diana at all.  Why give the ring that represented a bad marriage to someone you really love?" But then again, Will loved his mom, so I do totally get it.

And I have to admit my very first thought when I saw the ring on FoxNews was "That's sorta dull and ugly."  I shared my sentiments with my sister who then informed me it was Diana's.  I immediately felt bad for dissing the ring and looked it up on People to find it was quite more lovely than my non-HD tv depicted.  All that to say, now I do like it, but I am still worried about the implications of giving the love of your life your mother's troubled ring. 

Moving on.  I loved Kate's dress. 

It matches her ring perfectly.  But with a blue ring you don't have every option in the world.  A red dress would have screamed British flag.  While any other combo would have probably made individuals think she was loyal to one football team over another, sparking huge turmoil in the UK.  But I love the dress. 

And my biggest question of the week:  Will the wedding be televised?  I'm hoping yes but thinking and understanding why it would be a no.

Now that I have waxed poetic babbled and wasted a good 3 minutes of your day let's sum up my feelings about this engagement.

:: The whole ordeal (or would it be ordear?) is very exciting.
:: Getting a ring with family history is very personal.
:: Hopefully waiting 6 years to propose means Will could not have thought this through any more and 1825% knows that Kate is his one.
:: I. Love. The. Dress.

:: Getting a family ring with bad family history isn't so grand.
:: Blue does not match everything.

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