Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Rewind

There are a million things I should be doing right now.  But instead of cleaning, doing laundry, figuring out how we can pack everything in only one checked bag, and folding said laundry I have chosen to blog and watch Big Love.  Yes we are going on a trip sometime soon.  But I won't tell you when exactly we are going.  I'm not worried about potential robbers, but instead don't want TSA to know when and where I'm flying.

This past weekend C was sick. So he spent most of the weekend doing nothing (except for when he did somethings). It was not fun.

Friday night consisted of my almost driving a complete loop around 270.  First Mark and I picked up Drew at the airport and then Drew and I dropped Mark off at the junior high gathering.  Had we gotten back on 270 instead of heading south to find a Wendy's we would have made the complete loop.  I was a little lot disappointed but at the same time understood that Drew needed to nourish his belly.

Saturday morning I walked in the parade with church.  Katie made her annual appearance but got a bit cold  and decided to head home before the festivities even started.

After the parade, C picked me up and we went to Easton for C's birfday BD's (join Club Mongo!) and completed our shopping for Thanksmas.  Afterwards we moseyed back home via the back roads and arrived in time to catch the end of the Ohio State (football game).  I also managed to watch some of the blow out that was the men's basketball game.  

Sunday morning I represented both the Davidsons and Elseas at church. Then in the afternoon C and I tried to figure out how to fix our broken XM Radio.  After over an hour of not-so-great help at Best Buy we left without a solution.  

After watching the Browns lose let another close game, C decided he needed some reading material so we headed to the library (also needed to pick up Just Friends).  While he spent minutes upon minutes looking for books we discovered a familiar book.

We thought these might have been donated by our church so we opened the covers to see.  They weren't.  

Then we found this one.

I decided to open it to see if it may have said where it came from.

I also took the liberty of removing the post-it note as to not make anyone think this did not belong in the religion section. 

With C books and my movie in hand, we returned home for some yummy Tombstone pizza (seriously, we love it) and Just Friends. It was my way of sneaking in a Christmas movie before Thanksgiving.  

With that all said, I am pretty sure Big Love just jumped the shark

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Joyce said...

I like the way the Concordia is right next to "Hell? Yes!"