Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Rewind

I am sad.  Summer is almost over and the cooler temps last week just served as a further reminder that soon I won't be able to go to the pool in the evenings and weekends and I'll have to start wearing a jacket and pants (you know what I mean).  But this weekend was a nice reminder that summer is still here.  At least for a little while.

Friday evening my brother, Mark, had his first football game of the year.  It was a home game, in Millersport, which isn't even where their home games typically are held (which is New Lexington).  The. Game. Was. Looooong.  My sister came down to surprise my mom for her birthday (plus Mom's friends Dave and Diane were in town).  Highlights of the game include: recognizing Mark on the field by looking for the kid in the knee brace and seeing the International Space Station.  Emily and I left before the third quarter started and by that point the game was already 2 hours long.  We then picked up some pizza (and C) and headed to my parents for a late birthday dinner and cupcakes.  And by late I mean 11 p.m.

Saturday morning C headed somewhere to work and I went over to my parents for a nice brunch before heading to the pool.  I spent a couple hours napping, reading, and lounging in the glorious sun.  That evening Emily, Mark and I headed to Easton in pursuit of the wedding dress I mentioned Friday.  Mark wasn't interested in the dress so much as dinner at BD's.  Several hours and stores and a new iPhone case later, I finally found a dress (more on that on Friday) and we were able to head home.  I attempted to wait up for C (he was still working) and managed to empty out every show I had stored in the DVR but I just couldn't keep my eyelids open and had to call it a night (or early morning) but not before using the binoculars to check out was was happening four blocks down.

Sunday morning I woke up and went to church.  C had slept in because he no longer loves Jesus worked into the wee hours of the morning and desperately needed the shut eye. After church I picked him up and we got some lunch to take to the pool. Despite the chilly temp of the water, it was a perfect pool day.  Not too hot, not too breezy.  All in all a perfect summer day at the pool.  After the pool I headed to my parents to prepare for the youth group cookout.  I made this and this along with some other items.  It was a great turn out for what turned out to be our kick off event for the upcoming year.  Afterwards I went to Kroger because I thought we needed dish detergent.  I had been meaning to get it for a few days and had dishes piling up in the sink.  Upon arriving at Kroger I had a flash back that I had purchased dish detergent a week and a half ago.  Hoping that the flashback was indeed correct, I saved $3 and headed back home to find that yes, I did have dish detergent.  It made my night.  I kid you not. 

So there you have it a it our last "summer weekend".  Next weekend we are headed to Ft. Wayne for my cousin's wedding.  Then it's off to the beach where summer will continue and the pool will still be open!

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