Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Something for my Baby Hope Chest?

I have a problem.  Ok, I've told you that before.  So we'll say I have many problems.  And now I'm going to bring to light a new problem.

I love love love blog giveaways.  If you remember, a while back, I won a $200 gift card from Ann Taylor LOFT.  I won that by commenting on no less than 8 different bloggers (none of whom I've visited since) who participated in the giveaway.

I think I also just did the same thing for a $100 visa gift card in a Juicey Juice Review.

I know I entered a Lilly Pulitzer giveaway 9+ times last week.

And this would probably be a good time to mention that C receieves daily emails from Vera Bradley.... Because they were giving away an iPad... And I entered everyone I knew...

That brings me to my most recent (and 2nd ever) win. 

No, I did not win this baby (but how cute is she?!), but yes, I did win this brain buster on the baby from a giveaway on Finding My Feet.  (A blog I love by the way!)

And no, we are not having a baby any time soon. 

And no, I do not even like brain busters.  I think they bust babies' brains.

But I won!

Someone please stop me.

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