Friday, June 4, 2010

Fashion Friday: The Bachelorette Party

I'm leaving the last post up to show how fickle I really am. I thought I had nothing fashionable to say today, but then while blalking (blog stalking) and seeing a picture of the dress I recently purchased I realized I do have something fashionable to post about. 

Instead of writing about something I really like and would buy, I'm going to highlight an outfit and accessories I did buy.

As I said earlier today, I have one more trip left in me before I'm home for the summer.  A trip that involves me leaving tomorrow at 10:55 am (with my good friend, Southwest) and returning at 1:00 pm Sunday.  In between those flights I will be forced to step out of my tv watching, pool lounging, long walk taking, comfort zone and "party".  I never really understood why we use party as a verb instead of a noun all of the time.  It sounds so bleh (using "party" as a verb, not this party).

This party is a bachelorette party for my bestest college roommate, Lora. 

Here's where the fashion comes in.  I never had a bachelorette party and even if I did it would have been at Easton and not Chicago.  Hence my need to be very fashionable.  The invite called for a little black dress and heels.  Since my little black dress is a little too dressy I decided to go out and find something on the cheap and here's what I came across.

The Dress

I was able to find this cute little (super comfortable) jersey knit dress at Old Navy for $20!  I love it because I can dress it up (like I will be tomorrow) but can also wear it on a date or to church.  This is also great for travel and the jersey knit part will allow me to throw it in my carry on without worries of intense wrinkling.

I wanted to go with bright colors for the accessories.  American Eagle had a buy one, get one half off sale for jewelry that was already marked down.  This is the bracelet that I got and while I couldn't find the necklace online it looks something like this...

I also love both of these because they can be worn so many different was.  Both could be worn to work, a night out,  or church and the bracelet could even be worn with a T.  The total for the necklace and the bracelet - $20.

The Shoes
I'll be borrowing shoes for tomorrow night.  I've decided to nix the heels and go for comfort.  While I wouldn't mind just wearing my Keens, I'm instead going for a less comfortable option and wearing my sister's stappy Old Navy flip flops. 

And with that my outfit is set.  I'm proud to say I purchased everything for $40 which I consider quite the deal considering I plan on wearing this outfit hundreds of times. 

On another note, I'm 99.74% certain I purchased a pair of white shorts from Ann Taylor last September.  However I can't seem to find them anywhere and would really like to wear them this weekend.  Tonight I'll be tearing the bedroom apart to find them.

Also, C and I are planning on going to the Y in the mornings next week.  Say a little prayer that it happens.

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