Friday, June 4, 2010

home? what home?

If you think I've been neglecting the blog, I haven't.  I've been neglecting everything that isn't work or travel.  Cleaning. Cooking. Sleeping. Blogging. Reading. Outside-ing.  I think you get it.

I really wanted to have a Fashion Friday for you today but couldn't muster up the steam to do one.  After getting back on Monday evening I had a retreat the middle of this week and got back yesterday afternoon.  Tried to catch my breath, but didn't really have a chance.  Although I will admit I didn't do anything last night aside from watching UP (very good).  I wanted to start cleaning up the mess that is our apartment but C said I shouldn't.  So I didn't.  It's back to work today.  Then a 24 hour trip to Chicago this weekend.

Then I think I'll begin to feel like I'm home again.  Right now it just feels like a pit stop. 

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