Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Rewind

Summer has officially begun.  I went to the pool.  Here's that and the rest of my weekend.

Friday was such a nice, warm day that I decided to head to the pool after work.  I handed over the membership form and a check that could buy 265 things at the dollar store (excluding tax).  Yes, I chose the pool over 265 things from the dollar store.  It was great to lay in the sun for a few hours and it was so hot that I even got in.  That's the earliest I've been in the pool since I was on swim team (didn't have to get in as a life guard because no one ever drowned).  C worked late so we grabbed a quick bite to eat at Waffle House around 9:15.

Saturday morning I woke up, packed my bags and headed to the airport.  I was in Chicago by 11 am, checked in for my returning flight while still on the flight from Columbus, and was at Lora's house by 12:15 and ready to celebrate the end of her bachelorette-dom.  In the evening we had yummy chicken tacos (reminder: get the recipe), brownies and some mixed drink that included vodka (aka: rubbing alcohol - yuck), peach schnapps (no reaction), malibu rum (yum!!), and cranberry juice.  It was called "(something) stress" and despite the rubbing alcohol it was rather yummy.  The sugar on the rims made the drink complete.  I may or may not have had to suppress my urge to lick the sugar off of someone else's glass while they were getting seconds.  After dinner we got dressed and showered Lora in lingerie.

After the shower we headed out to our first stop of the night, Howl at the Moon.  Anyone who knows me, or just sees me for the first time walking down the street, knows that this entire evening was a huge step out of my comfort zone.  While this was a huge step for me, I must say that Howl at the Moon was awesome.  It is a dueling piano bar, where the pianists know every. single. song. requested.  At one point there was an alma matter play off followed by 99 Red Balloon sung half (the verses) in English and half (the chorus) in German (per the Germans' request).

After Howl and the Moon we were headed somewhere else.  Where exactly I am not sure, but we exited the L station and were to head towards Wells Street.  After walking a block east I noticed on my iPhone that Wells was west so we headed west 3 blocks.  We then made it to Wells but only saw one bar so we relooked at our phones and realized we should have been heading east, just one block further than our first attempt.  So we turned around and walked 4 blocks in the other direction.  We finally ended up at The Original Mothers. This was a bar/club/karaoke place in the basement of some building somewhere in Chicago.

Notes from the evening:
:: It was super hot.  I'm pretty sure I lost 3 pounds from sweating - not dancing - this girl does not dance, well, dance like that. I would have danced had there been slow songs and a boy I knew (said boy did not necessarily have to be C)
:: We had a margarita that came in a bucket.  The bucket was awesome. The margarita also tasted yummy.
:: I'm 294% sure that Lora had a blast. Mission accomplished.

We didn't make it to bed until early Sunday morning.  2:30 to be exact.  That's 3:30 Ohio time.  I didn't bother to call C to tell him goodnight because I figured he went to bed at midnight when he didn't return my text.  Turns out he too was up this late waiting for my call, but decided I hadn't called because I got a bit too tipsy and was embarassed to talk to him.  Glad we were on the same page there.

After 5 1/2 hours of sleep (seems like more when I type it) I got back in Columbus around 1 pm and was greeted by C.  We headed to Easton to grab a bite to eat at BD's (C's fav) and also took some time to walk around. My original plan was to land in Columbus at 1 and be at the pool by 2.  The 67 degree temps did not really encourage that.  We then returned to Lancaster, where I will happily be for the next three weeks.

Oh, I should also mention how much I reeked having not showered after going out.  Luckily Chicago is smoke free indoors, so I didn't smell as bad as I could have, but as bad as one can who was in a smokeless bar. Anyways, i reeked.  So the first thing I did when I returned home was shower.

Once I was clean, we headed to Dairy Queen for a cupcake and then went to the park for some frisbeeing. We then ended up driving around all over the outskirts of town.  C likes to do that sometimes.  I oblige because I like to look at the houses.  Then it was home for dinner and the Cards game (it was Take Your Dog to the Game Night!!!) to close out the weekend.  And what a weekend it was.  Can't wait for your wedding, Lora!!

Make sure to tune in for next weekend's rewind.  C and I are taking a much needed staycation!!

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