Friday, May 14, 2010

Fashion Friday: Whatever Floats My Boat

Last night (thanks to a tip from my Other Mother) I went to K-Mart for the first time since the last time I purchased jellies. Which was before I met C. Which was almost 17 years ago. (wow.)  I went to feed my bag addiction. Buy two boxes of Kellogg's cereal, get a free reusable bag. Also picked up one for my mom and pointed out to the cashier, before she could even say anything, that no where on the display did it say "one per customer." It's cute and smells good (not fruity, but plastic-y).

(I got the cute Toucan Sam one).

While at K-Mart I couldn't pass up the chance to check out their current jelly selection.  Sadly they didn't really have a selection other than some flip flops.  But I don't consider those authentic jellies.  Authentic jellies need to be an actual shoe.  And if hey have a picture of Ariel from the Little Mermaid, even more authentic.  (New) Jellies also smell wonderful.  Even better than my Toucan Sam bag.
Now these are authentic jellies. 

I should also point out that I did go to the Y prior to going to K-Mart.  Three days in a row!! (Of going to the Y, not K-Mart.)

After K-Mart I headed to the mall to pick up a book I had to return to the library before I had a chance to read it.  Instead of getting back in the hold line (which was several library patrons deep) and since I'm going on a little trip Sunday and will need some reading material, I decided to pick up the paperback version.  I think it'll be a good follow up to My Fair Lazy

I can't seem to go to the mall without making my rounds through American Eagle.  I must say, I was impressed with some of their tops.  

For starters, all T's are $10 each.  Here's my favorite (because of the British flag, not the message underneath it).

I also fell in love with this vest.  I could pair it with a non-grey graphic t and I also think I may be able to pull it off for work as well. 

While pulling up the pics for the T and the vest tonight I thought I'd take a look and the accessories.  I honestly like all but two of the over 75 thinks they have.  Here is one of my favs (but I seriously like them all).

It's so purdy. 


On and unrelated note, unless you consider LeBron James' tattoos "fashionable", I can't pretend that last night didn't happen.  In 2004, ESPN named Cleveland the most tortured sports city in America and I have to agree.  I know we're not to believe in curses, but there has got to be some reason why a championship hasn't belonged to Cleveland since 1964 and why no other city, with 3 professional teams, has gone so long without bringing a trophy home.  I'm beginning to think that maybe the anti-christ was born in Cleveland (thanks, Dad - for the idea, I'm not calling you the anti-christ).

I realize I've got no room to complain.  I've only been a fan of Cleveland since 1985 (it was instilled in me from my birth) while there are many others (such as my Dad) who have been waiting for a championship since 1964 (or 1948 if you're more a baseball person - I am, but not many other Cleveland fans are).  I can't imagine what it must be like for those fans.  Those who have been waiting more than 24 years to see their team do something great (or even have a team be above .500 for the season).

With that I wish you a happy weekend.  If you have time, make sure to make it to American Eagle to get a tank or T for $10. Oh, and the Indians are playing the Orioles so they should have a shot at one win in this series.

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