Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Rewind

What a weekend it has been.  A non-stop one.  One that now requires a vacation.  Unfortunately things aren't going to slow done.  At least not until June 6th.

Friday evening we saw the Clippers get pounced by the Durham Bulls.  My sister managed to sneeze at the perfect time during the National Anthem.  Right as we heard "rockets red glare" she sneezed and it sounded just like a rocket.  If this law career doesn't work out, maybe she will have a career in sound effects.  We enjoyed yummy funnel fries. Despite seeing the Clippers lose, we had a great time.  The boy scouts got to spend the night at the stadium. That is probably the only time I ever wanted to be a boy scout.  The girl scouts never got those opportunities.  All we ever did was make sit-upons. That is until I joined my Other Mother's troop.

Saturday we busy busy from dawn to dusk.  We celebrated my Dad's birthday with a birthday brunch.  We had the Pioneer Woman's delicious Baked French Toast among other breakfast items.  After breakfast C and I put off work and baking and decided to go to Rising Park to feed the ducks.  I loaded up our Wal-Mart plastic bag with some bread and we headed out.  There was just one problem.  The ducks haven't returned yet.  Not sure what's up with that, but someone needs to let the ducks know it's time to come back.   Maybe Emily can work on that this week while she's in Florida. After the park C headed to work while I went to a baby shower and...

...folded tissue paper.  It seems to be my designated baby shower job these days.  I am free most Saturdays (after June 5th) if you'd like me to come fold your tissue paper.  After the shoer I ran home to pick up C before heading to church for our annual BBQ dinner.  I had to waitress (something I hadn't done at a dinner in a while) and C took care of the drinks.  I'm pretty sure this is the first time he has ever worked in the dinning room during a dinner we've had at church.  Needless to say, after 3 hours we I was pooped.  However, I did have enough energy to go to American Eagle to pick up 2 of the $10 Ts.  I also picked up my umpteenth free pair of underwear from Victoria's Secret.  We then drove across town to get a specific milk shake for C (I felt bad having told him I didn't have the energy to watch a movie - I really just wanted my feet rubbed).  We finally rounded out the night watching The Office and 30 Rock (thank you DVR!!).

Sunday we went to church and lunch at McDonalds (the usual).  C had to work since he didn't really get anything done on Saturday.  I spent my afternoon trying to clean out the DVR and doing laundry.  I then hopped on a flight to DC.  I should mention that I always pick the wrong security line at the airport.  Sometimes C and I race, and he always wins.  It's not because he's faster (because he's not) he just picks the right line.  Once I got my boarding pass checked must have waited for 13 minutes before walking through the medal detector.  I did manage to read more of My Fair Lazy.  Jen's description of her stay at the Four Season's in NYC caused the memories to flood back. What a hotel.

Anyway, I'll be here till Wednesday.  So that means that C is home alone.  Since I'm not holding down the fort or around to protect C, this would be the perfect time for a break in if anyone is waiting for the right opportunity.

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