Saturday, February 27, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things smells

As usual, I'm putting of cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping by interneting and blogging.

I smelled something wonderful yesterday, the smell of fresh air in our apartment (not that it smells rancid in here, but you know, the spring smell of fresh air that only happens when the windows are open, except ours weren't b/c it was snowing and blowing outside), which made me think of all of my other smells.

A few of my favorite smells:

:: all things beach related: sun screen, pineapple, coconut, lip balm that smells tropical.
:: things cleaning related: there's nothing like the smell of clean countertops, floors, and walls: windex, pine-sol, bleach, lemon scented pledge.
:: the smell of spring: open windows, flowers, line dried sheets.
:: food: pot roast in the crock pot, steak, really all red meat, maraschino cherries.
:: summer smells: the pool, grilling, fresh cut grass.
:: bad smells (that I still occasionally enjoy): permanent markers, gasoline. (I do not sniff these things in excess.)
:: coffee (but can't stand the taste)
:: Very Sexy by Victoria's Secret (unfortunately I can't get C to wear it too often. hint. hint.)

Make sure not to miss my next favorite things.  Sounds.

Happy Saturday.

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