Friday, February 26, 2010

Fashion Friday: Edition 1 (of what may only be 1)

Our trip to Chicago last weekend brought back many, many memories.  All Most of which were good.

Some of those memories included:
:: Visiting Wendy's on Harlem and Madison one night and having a scary looking man lean into the driver's side door and asked if we had any marijuana.  Why, yes sir, we do (not).  People. People. People.
:: Pulling a very, very good April Fools prank.
:: Thousands of trips to Caribou so that C could study while I also studied distracted him from work by engaging him in conversation (as LSAT day approached I was told I was not allowed to accompany him).
:: Fancy dinners down town.
:: The food: Giordano's, Sub- T's, New Fue City, Jimmy Johns, the ever tasty KCC.
:: Calling C in the middle of class and telling him to meet me outside immediately, only to find him a little upset when he found there wasn't an emergency, I just wanted him to play in the snow with us.
:: Oh yeah, and the fact that this is the city which is home to our relationship, where we became best friends.  We also (fittingly) got engaged in Chicago.

While all of those are well and good, the memory that sparked this post (and possibly more Fashion Friday posts) is that I really cared about what I wore while in college (because I was working on my MRS. degree) and see those years as my best dressed years.
Thus I have made the decision to try even harder to be fashionable.  I don't think I'm too far off right now, but there is room for improvement.

I think this may help in my pursuit to dress even better.

My blog stalking (or is it blalking?) paid off in January when I received and email from BlogHer (I'm not a BlogHer person, not even sure what they do) saying I won a $200 gift card to Ann Taylor Loft.  Turns out when there are 16 blogs that are each giving away a $200 gift card and you post on each and every single one of them, your odds of winning are greatly increased.

I hope to be spending this in the near future.

In the mean time I wanted to start my Fashion Friday feature by giving you a taste of the stores I prefer to shop at (but can't always do due to the high clothing costs and my high student loans, turns out the two are mutually exclusive).

J. Crew
This is hands down, my favorite clothing store.  If I could I would purchase everything (assuming the pants were long enough).

Ok, I almost never shop here, but would all the time if their clothing didn't cost the price of a new puppy. And right now I'd rather have a new puppy (opposed to a used puppy).

Oh, my! Right now they are having their semi-annual sale.  I really need a clothing allowance.

Banana Republic
Super Chic! Also a perk, if you have a Gap, Old Navy, or BR card, it works at any of the three stores!

Gap has the looooooooongest pants for the looooooongest legged people (read: me).  You can get their Tall in Extra-Long.  Now if only I could get Gap to make suits for me to wear to work.

The Limited
I remember my first Limited outfit, an Easter outfit from high school.  I think that's when my love for shopping started.

Victoria's Secret
I love their panties.  In fact, most of my panties I got for free from Victoria's Secret.  They also have lots and lots of bathing suits and some cute tops and dresses.

Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft
AT has lovely work outfits while the Loft has more casual items (which I hope to be adding to my wardrobe now).  Right now the Loft has a spend $50 get $25 deal.  I wonder if I can use this with my gift card...
(I may or may not have gone from store to store at Easton in my mind while writing this to make sure I didn't leave anything out.)

That gives you a little taste of what I hope to write about for Fashion Fridays.  I hope to dive into seasonal items, specific articles of clothing, accessories, and what NOT to purchase.  Maybe I'll even throw in some fashion ideas for the home or at the very least, the kitchen.

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