Sunday, February 28, 2010

a very boring weekend rewind

I'm not quite sure why I'm even posting a weekend rewind for this past weekend.  Last weekend was a blast, but no weekend rewind (the camera cord is in Chicago, but safe and sound).  This weekend has consisted of nothing.  Literally, nothing.  But the more I think about it, any new readers (read: not related to us) may be under the incorrect assumption that we lead a very exciting life.  This post should clear things up.

Friday night C had to work late so I was left to fend for myself.  I had a meeting that afternoon that required me to walk four blocks in a foot of snow with heals on, so the first three hours of my weekend we spent gaining the feeling back in my toes.  At least now I'll be able to tell my kiddos "When I was your age I had to walk up hill, both ways, in snow, barefoot." Once my feet were thawed I ate a ginormous bowl of fruity pebbles (see how much fun I am?).   I also had some time to catch up on the new season of  MTV's 16 and Pregnant.  I'd say the first episode did not disappoint, but the mother was a huge let down.  Once C got home (right before I was about to start the 2nd episode) we headed out in the Level 2 Snow Emergency for a late "dinner" at IHOP.  C loves chocolate chip pancakes.  We ended the evening watching The Ugly Truth.  Since I wasn't 100% sure that I'd like it and I'm not a huge fan of Katherine Hieigl (I think it has something to do with her being a smoker), I had put it on hold at the library in late November.  It was finally my turn to rent it this weekend.  Speaking of the library.  I think it'd be neat to work at the local library.  Since they have odd hours, the longest shift one would have is 7 hours.  Piece. Of. Cake.

Saturday C and I went to Starbucks before he headed to work.  I spent the day cleaning, blogging, laundrying, and interneting.  I also went to the grocery and roped C into coming home from work to help me carry in the groceries (this was at 3:00). He stayed around to watch the "tsunami" hit Hawaii.  If you have a pulse and didn't sleep through the entire weekend, you already know that that was a huge let down.  C ended up taking a nap while we were waiting and slept the rest of the day away.  He didn't get any other work done.  I made baked sketti for dinner (forgot to take pics to post the recipe, but don't have the camera cord anyway).  Hmm... then what did we do...Oh yes, we watched Office Space and (sadly) most of Hot Rod.

Today, Sunday, I had to be at church super early for our handbell choir debut.  We did great and sounded wonderful.  Or so C said (8 times).  He also said he was proud of me. I think I've found my new hobby.  Had I been thinking (we all know that is a rare occurrence), I would have had C tape it so I could show off our talent. I think I may call up the Olympic folks and see if they'd ever considered having a handbell choir competition.  Now I'm lounging around watching the USA/Canada Hockey game.  I've already made dinner and stuck it in the fridge until C gets home. Hey, take a look a this character...

Now that I've shown you this lovely outfit, I think I'll leave you at that. I'm not quite sure what I can say that would trump this handsome man.

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