Wednesday, January 27, 2010

jaywalking and basketball

I’ve discussed before my propensity to jaywalk (despite my feelings of the inevitability that I will be hit by a car). I will jaywalk anywhere. Across Main Street.  Memorial Drive. The Police Station (decked out with security cameras). In front of a police officer (while saying a little prayer that he won’t throw me in the slammer). I will not however, cross the street in a cross walk, when no traffic is oncoming, even when I clearly could make it back and forth 14 times before the semi at the top of the hill makes it to where I am, when a police car is sitting at the stop light. Because, I’m not sure that’s legal.

On another note, tonight I’ll be watching the #20 Ohio State Buckeyes take on the Iowa Corn Fed Hawkeyes instead of the State of the Union. That means I’ll be enjoying 2.5 hours of programming instead of watching the SOTU solely because I feel obligated. I figure I’ll be able to read the speech in a matter of minutes and come away with a better understanding than I’d have had I’d watched it. (I am easily distracted during those loooong applause breaks.)  Just wanted to give my 3 phone friends the heads up that in case you call at 9:15 and don't answer.  I'll be (hopefully) enthralled by a basketball game and not the SOTU.

I apologize for this sorry excuse of a post. I do have a delish recipe to post. Just as soon as I download the pics.

UPDATED:  Looks like I made the right programming decision tonight (really, it was a no brainer).  Way to go Buckeyes!

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