Thursday, January 28, 2010


It's funny how after I "write" a boring post just to take up space, I find things to talk about.  I'm am leaving the jaywalking post only so it can take up some space. And the Wordless Wednesday I thought about posting in its place will be hitting next week (again, to take up space).

I thought I should let ya'll know that I've found some quality reading to entertain me during these cold winter months.  Normally I only read during the summer, however I try to find something to read when I go to the Y so my mind is taken off of the actual work out I'm trying to accomplish.  And despite what C may say, I do too break a sweat.  Just not the kind of sweat that smells bad. 

Back to my books.

Within the last two weeks I've finished two of Jen Lancaster's books. And in no particular order might I add.  I think I started with #3, went to #4, and now have #1 (again.  I tried to read this in L.A. but the thought of missing a celebrity walking by while my head was stuck in a book deterred me.), and then I think #2 will be ready for me at the library.

I apologize for that poorly composed sentence.  I'm not sure grammar scholars would even classify that as a sentence, but then again, they probably wouldn't classify any of my posts as actual writing.

Again, back to my books.

Jen is funny and down to earth and keeps my attention.  She uses footnotes to shamelessly plug her other books and give details that don't really fit in the text.

Having read her I've decided if there were a way to do footnotes on blogs I would totally do it.  Then maybe grammar scholars would consider my "writing" to be at least on par with that of an eighth grader. (It took me 4 tries on Tuesday night to figure out "on" was a preposition).

Seriously though, I'm good at math (minus the tax prep). Just ask me sometime to figure out how much change you're due before the register does.  Or to multiply large numbers.

Again, for the final time, back to the book.

I should probably warn you about the language.  However, my own "I don't know why they must use that language, I'm not going to listen to/watch/read that" mom loves the books and even reads Jen's blog. She's managed to put the language aside for a good read.  I'm proud of her. 

And I'm proud of myself for not letting this post end on another tangent (see, I even use math phrases in my "writing"!).

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