Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend Rewind

Since it's been roughly four months since we've had a weekend rewind, I figured we were do.

Friday was pretty laid back.  After a long week C spent the evening watching Lost while I spend the evening in the office watching Hope for Haiti now on CNN.  I. Cannot.  Pull. Myself. Away. From. CNN.

Saturday was a productive and enjoyable day.  For starters, C did not work allowing both of us to sleep in till 10:45.  All I was missing was a tv in our bedroom to watch food network while C snoozed (but that wasn't even an option because the cable doesn't work in there).  Once we were up we headed to the Y and biked on my least favorite bikes there (because they work me the hardest).  From the Y we went to Art and Clay, our local pottery painting shop (which is closing in a week) to finish a piece we started last March.  For some reason they kept C's piece but threw mine away.  During the "Charles Elsea Painted Piece Love Fest" that took place once we were done they owner said that she was glad he came in to finish it because they "really appreciate their artist and don't like throwing away their work".  Not sure what that says about me.  Since they must not either view me as an artist or appreciate me and my work and thus threw away my piece I had started, I had to start over again from scratch.  I think it came out quite nifty (prior to firing).  Once I pick those up next weekend I'll post some pics and let you vote.  After Art and Clay we returned home to continue watching Lost and catch the end of the Buckeyes loss to West Virginia.  I think you can deduct who did what.  We then spent the evening a the Chamber Dinner grabbing some SWAG (stuff we all get) and watching the Chamber Late Show.

Sunday thus far has consisted of church, going to Target for a CD which hasn't even been release yet (embarrassing), napping, and laundry for me while C has done church and is currently working.  I do plan on making a semi-decent (read: left overs) meal once C makes it home.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

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