Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Favs

With the hours winding down on my days as a Bar Widow I thought I'd give a quick shout out, in outline form, to those things that helped the time pass quickly (for me) the past two months. Has it really been that long?

1. Summer and everything good that comes with it. I think the fact that the past two months have taken place during summer makes a world of difference.
a. The View
b. Walks
c. Out door activities in town

2. George II, my Macbook. The Boy got me a MacBook as my graduation present for him being done with law school. Having a laptop has shown me a new world of possibilities.
a. Starting "Everything Elsea"
b. Interneting while doing #4
c. Being able to do my interneting in 1/8 the time
d. The many blogs and celeb sites I check on daily

3). Emily. With my sister being in college for the school year but home for the summer I have been able to take advantage of having someone around to do stuff with.
a. Shopping
b. Trips to Cleveland
c. Random late night grocery runs
d. Pooling

4. Food Network. Where do I start here? Thanks to my DVR (another shout out) I have been able to records all sorts of food shows to busy myself with in the evening.
a. Giada
b. Ina
c. Rachael
d. Paula

5. Books. I only really read during the summer. Like a couple of books a week. I thought about giving a shout out to to library but more times than not I'm not on good terms with them because of their policies.
a. Gemma Townley
b. Eileen Rendahl
c. Meg Cabot

With that done I'm off to make a late dinner for The Boy. He's 40% done with the Bar.

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