Thursday, July 30, 2009


He's done. I'm done. Vacation is here.

The Boy finished the bar today. He's currently catching up on his sleep before I wake him to eat dinner and go down to the bandstand. Thankfully the rain just cleared up.

I'm done with work for the next 17 days.

It all seems surreal.

Tomorrow The Boy and I are going to cram 10 days of Lancaster Festival activities into 10 hours. We'll sleep in, lunch at the bandstand, possibly swim, then head to Shaw's for dinner on the patio during Arnett Howard's performance at the bandstand for the Festival's 25th birthday.

Saturday I'm headed to the beach with the fam while The Boy stays back to get some much needed work done at the firm. He says with the summer he's had, even working will seem like a vacation. He'll be joining us Friday morning. I'm already looking forward to him getting there. Then we'll head back on August 16th. 17 days from now.

I'm new to this blogging world so I'm not sure what the vacation package is like. Do I have to wait until I put 1 year in to take two weeks off? Do I then acquire an additional day per year I am blogging? Since no one informed me of my vacation package, I'm going to go with the flow the next 17 days. If I go a week without a post, I go a week. Or maybe the break from the real world will inspire me to "write" (I don't consider this writing or myself a writer) more. Only time will tell.

I apologize in advance for any Everything Elsea withdrawal you experience in the next 17 days. But don't worry, I'll be back.

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Anonymous said...

I think you should stop calling him "The Boy"