Monday, July 27, 2009

(a boring) Weekend Rewind

This weekend was my last weekend as a Bar Widow. Looking back at the last year and a half of my life spent as first a Law School Widow and now Bar Widow, I have realized being a Bar Widow is easier than it was when The Boy was in law school. The Boy, however, would like you to know that the bar is not as easy as law school, but still, I feel like the last two months have been more bearable than the weeks that led up to exams. I think it's because the pool is open.

Going into my last weekend as a Bar Widow, you'd think I'd spend it soaking up the rays at the pool on Saturday and Sunday. Sadly, I only managed to get there for an hour and half. You see, I had lots of work stuff to do and it was rather stormy and chilly this weekend.

Friday night was spent working the Art Walk downtown. We opened up our doors and displayed the art of local artists. I finally made it home around 10:30 and promptly took bath #1 of the weekend. I think I spent more time in the tub than I did at the pool.

Saturday I took a quick trip to the mall and longed on the couch while it rained cats and dogs outside. That evening was big concert #1 for the Lancaster Festival. At first, I was the only Davidson going as I had a work obligation, but then one by one, each Davidson trickled through the gates.

The first act was a tribute to the 25 years of the festival performed by the orchestra that is assemble just for these 10 days. Not my favorite, in years past they have done other themes such as John Williams music, but still decent.

After intermission they brought on the big act.... The Temptations. I was a little shocked to see all 5 men (only one an original to the group) come out in purple suits. I'm not sure who was in the original group, but I am pretty sure they have filled two of the vacant spots with Rueben Studdard and Bill Cosby. And their conductor looked very much like Stevie Wonder. Some years when I go I have never heard most of the songs the artists play, due to the fact that the Lancaster Festival mainly brings in acts that were popular before I was born, however this year I knew several. I'm looking forward to 15 years from now when they bring in *Nsync or Rascal Flatts. Then I'll be the one running up front to try to reach Justin or Gary. I can't wait for that day! The evening was capped off without an encore (a rarity) and a fireworks display. After getting home around 11:30 I took bath #2.

Sunday I finally made it to the pool, but only lasted an hour and a half due to the colder temps and cloudy skies. I decided to pack up and head home but not without stopping at the library to pick up a book on hold and walking through the antiques sale on Broad Street. I had takeout from one of my favs, Olive Garden. The Boy is not a fan, so I thought I should fulfill the craving while I had it and while he was gone.
After returning home with my take out I settled down on the couch and proceeded to watch not one but two Lifetime Movies, Flirting with Forty and One Hot Summer, before taking bath #3 of the weekend. Can you think of a better way to end a weekend?

What I learned this weekend:
1) Life without The Boy isn't so much fun anymore (not that I was enjoying it in the first place).
2) I am a sucker for movies on the Lifetime Movie Network.
3) I need some Mr. Bubble for my baths.

And so ends my Weekend Rewinds as a Bar Widow. Next weekend The Boy will be back but I will be traveling to the beach (he will join later in the week) so expect a one week hiatus. I promise from here on out the rewinds will be more entertaining/interesting/memorable. If not, I won't publish one. This one is solely because The Boy requested it.

Coming this week: a post about the Lancaster Festival, one of my favorite things about Summer in Lancaster and living downtown.

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